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Noun1.longwool - a domestic long-wool sheep
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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And the Crown, for the prose winner, was designed by former Rowen YFC member Lowri Wyn using silver from her jewellery shop in Conwy and wool produced by her own flock of longwool sheep.
Throughout American history, British settlers introduced breeds such as Lincoln, Leicester Longwool, Shropshire, Suffolk, and Hampshire.
The focus of the cover story is the Livestock Conservancy's efforts to expose veterans to the possibility of raising heritage livestock breeds--animals such as Red Devon cattle and Leicester Longwool sheep.
He said: "We've had so many people requesting this class, I'm optimistic that visitors will get to see some very unusual and attractive sheep, such as the Norfolk Horn and the Lincoln Longwool.
In addition to the farm's mainly Suffolk cross flock, there are also two rare breed Leicester longwool ewes expecting 3 lambs between them.
Held between 7pm and midnight, they are a chance to see rarebreed sheep, including Southdown, Shropshire and Leicester Longwool, as well as the endangered Soay and Boreray sheep, produce the next generation.
The Warrior Sheep Go Jurassic is the fourth book in a series of stories about five sheep, all Rare Breeds; Oxo an Oxford ram, Jaycey a Jacob ewe, Sal a Southdown ewe, Wills a Welsh Balwen lamb and Lincs the patois speaking Lincolnshire Longwool ram, all with interesting personalities, who are looked after by a feisty grandmother, Ida, and her grandson Tod.
Black Leicester Longwool DK is a worsted spun yarn which enhances its lustre, resulting in a lovely dark grey shade with a hint of brown.
YOUNG FASHION: An design in Wensleydale Longwool by Ann Kingstone, inset
Started six years ago to promote the market for Welsh wool, this year the festival was officially recognised by Clarence House as supporting * Stallholder with a Leicester Longwool sheep on the Yeo Farm stand, which won second prize in the category for livestock stands PICTURE: John Teale Prince Charles' Campaign for Wool, set up in January 2010 to promote the properties of the product and to help support sheep farming.
Some other long-wool breeds to consider are Border Leicester, Leicester Longwool, Lincoln Longwool and Romney.
The scientists analyzed those samples and found that several of the rare breeds were genetically distinct, including Hog Island and Leicester Longwool.