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Noun1.longwool - a domestic long-wool sheep
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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Larson maintains four bloodlines of Leicester Longwools on his farm, which he maintains in a "closed flock" and uses a "line-breeding" system.
The Leicester longwools are considered 'vulnerable' on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's watch-list and so the addition of potentially more females to the Home Farm flock is very special.
Breeds discussed are separated into five different categories: fine wools, longwools, Down types, multicoats, and miscellaneous breeds.
Leicester Longwools are medium to large sheep, weighing 180 to 250 pounds.
Louise Fairburn, 38, had her gown made from the dreadlocked fleece of one of her rare, prize-winning Lincoln Longwools.
The same can be said of the Leicester Longwools living in Colonial Williamsburg.
Two Tamworth pigs, 49 sheep (mostly Leicester Longwools and Merinos), a donkey, a mule, 13 turkeys, five guinea hens, four dogs, seven cats, and 50 or so chickens live here.
If you created an identikit of the ideal person to try to help racing through its agonies of doubt over the foot and mouth crisis, it would be hard to beat the man standing among his favourite Lincoln Longwools on Sunday.
Louise Fairburn, 38, designed her unique gown and had it made from the dreadlocked fleece of "Olivia", one of her rare breed, prizewinning Lincoln longwools.
Two-hundred-year-old sheep and their wonderful wool will be featured at the 26th annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in a special presentation on Colonial Williamsburg's rare Leicester Longwools May 1-2 at the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, Maryland.