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 (lŏng′gē, lo͝ong′-)
Variant of lungi.
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Noun1.longyi - a long piece of brightly colored cloth (cotton or silk) used as clothing (a skirt or loincloth or sash etc.) in India and Pakistan and Burma
piece of cloth, piece of material - a separate part consisting of fabric
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The owners of the shops surrounding the synagogue -- mostly men wearing traditional Burmese longyi and Muslim kufi and thawb -- are not hawking Judaica but super glue and paint, among other utility products.
I want them to wear longyi. I do not want to lose my traditions.
* Both men and women wear longyi, a wraparound skirt tied at the waist.
I scanned its cheap cardstock cover; on it was an image of a young Burmese woman wearing the traditional pair of ingyi and longyi, with the pages printed on thin bond paper.
A Facebook page run by the Yangon Police Force posted photos of a man suspected of involvement, as well as the charred remains of the bottle that apparently served as the vessel for the incendiary device, often referred to as a 'Molotov cocktail.' The post urged anyone with knowledge of the incident to report it to police, providing several phone numbers as well as two images of a man dressed in a pink short-sleeved shirt and longyi, described as in his 40s.
Shuo Lin [ID], (1) Mu Chen, (2) Wanling Chen, (3) Keyi Lin, (1) Panwei Mu, (1) Bilian Zhu, (1) Wen Xu, (1) Manman Wang, (1) Jianping Weng, (1) and Longyi Zeng [ID] (1)
Additionally, some voters reported that they were denied the national race constituency ballot on the basis of arbitrary markers of identity (for example, whether one was wearing a longyi [sarong] associated with the national race on the ballot).
(22) On such ritual occasions, the leaders should wear ceremonial courtly attire: a long white 'coat' like those worn by princes and ministers during the Konbaung Dynasty, a Burmese turban, and a long silk longyi. Seated inside and around the hollow pagoda, according to the pre-colonial ternary order (leaders and monks inside the pagoda, and the commoners outside), a local leader, serving as a representative of Sekya Min, recites texts and the participants recite after him.
The parliament chamber was mostly a light orange, the colour of the NLD majority who wore Burmese longyi skirts and traditional hats.
Chaw Sandi Tun's mocking post compared the light green new uniform for army officers with that of a "longyi", a traditional Myanmar skirt worn by politician Suu Kyi.
One security officer wearing a longyi read my passport upside down for about five minutes.