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 (lŏng′gē, lo͝ong′-)
Variant of lungi.
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Noun1.longyi - a long piece of brightly colored cloth (cotton or silk) used as clothing (a skirt or loincloth or sash etc.) in India and Pakistan and Burma
piece of cloth, piece of material - a separate part consisting of fabric
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The post urged anyone with knowledge of the incident to report it to police, providing several phone numbers as well as two images of a man dressed in a pink short-sleeved shirt and longyi, described as in his 40s.
Additionally, some voters reported that they were denied the national race constituency ballot on the basis of arbitrary markers of identity (for example, whether one was wearing a longyi [sarong] associated with the national race on the ballot).
The Myanmar longyi, a sarong-like nether garment is an integral part of the Myanmar national dress worn by men as well as women.
22) On such ritual occasions, the leaders should wear ceremonial courtly attire: a long white 'coat' like those worn by princes and ministers during the Konbaung Dynasty, a Burmese turban, and a long silk longyi.
The parliament chamber was mostly a light orange, the colour of the NLD majority who wore Burmese longyi skirts and traditional hats.
One security officer wearing a longyi read my passport upside down for about five minutes.
Its designed heat storage is 15 hours, thus, it can guarantee stable, continual power generation," said group board chair Wu Longyi.
We were asked to dress in longyi, the traditional men's bottoms, for the presentation.
To facilitate this, they often wear not the usual Burmese longyi sarong as in this image, but the Shan baggy trousers.
Thus the length of a longyi, the choice of whether to wear eingyi pa (a blouse of transparent fabric such as muslin or silk), make-up, or the sadohn (chignon hairstyle) daringly positioned at the back of the head were decisions that had real outcomes for one's social categorisation.
This is a land where holy men clad in traditional longyi are revered, thousands of ancient, religious stupas rise out of flat plains and floating-village life ebbs and flows upon Inle Lake.
After passing by trees groaning with huge papayas, avocados and citrus fruits, we stopped for refreshing green tea at the village and were invited to try out the traditional costume, the longyi.