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Verb1.look across - be oriented in a certain direction; "The house looks out on a tennis court"; "The apartment overlooks the Hudson"
lie - be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position
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or where you might turn and look across the still lapping harbour, out through the little neck of light between the headlands to the shimmering sea beyond,--your ears filled with a melting tide of sweet sounds, the murmur of the streams and the gentle surging of the sea, the rippling of leaves, the soft restless whisper of women's gowns, and the music of their vowelled voices.
To look across it is like looking out across the sea.
I am going to sit here," he went on, " and I am going to look across the sea and reflect.
One might think that the brothers, who look across the promenade at each other, might be fighting each other tooth and nail for trade, especially on a bank holiday.
If you look across all sorts of occupations, in Australia we have women on the front line every day.
As you look across the vista, the small dogs find their way, jumping like meerkats through the jungle, once a prime manicured green.
When we look across the range of different communities, the most strikingly obvious thing about each area is how obviously different one county is from another.
GOLDEN YEARS I look across the living room He's dozing in a chair The old man in the slippers With a head of snow white hair Can this be the shy young man Who in another life Sixty years ago asked "Will You Be My Wife?
You don't have the capacity to look across the lake; so, where are you taking us to?
The structure sits at the edge of the marsh in a field, and lies directly across from a universally accessible wildlife viewing platform where visitors can look across the marsh and peer directly into the osprey nest.
IT COULD pay to look across the Irish Sea for a long-priced winner today and the competitive 3m handicap hurdle at Naas (4.