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Verb1.look across - be oriented in a certain direction; "The house looks out on a tennis court"; "The apartment overlooks the Hudson"
lie - be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position
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or where you might turn and look across the still lapping harbour, out through the little neck of light between the headlands to the shimmering sea beyond,--your ears filled with a melting tide of sweet sounds, the murmur of the streams and the gentle surging of the sea, the rippling of leaves, the soft restless whisper of women's gowns, and the music of their vowelled voices.
To look across it is like looking out across the sea.
I am going to sit here," he went on, " and I am going to look across the sea and reflect.
She passed away last year after being married for 69 years and I still look across and can feel her hand in mine.
Do they really expect their target to look across the road and start yelling answers back?
I've seen how sick it makes people and I prefer to get sick by doing a party than two hours on a computer Violinist Nigel Kennedy I say to the president-elect: look across to women, make equality a priority, it is the only way forward.
There's seven or eight points of a difference and if you look across the season we've let seven or eight slip away.
Geepas, the flagship brand of Western International Group, has recently announced the launch of their new packaging look across the range of all its product categories.
It is a proven fact that the death penalty was never a deterrent to murder, you only have to look across the water to the USA to see that.
THERE was a time when Albion fans used to look across the Birmingham border with some jealousy.
She said: "I have to say I look across the Dail and I see people who have, let's say, been involved in paramilitary activities and so on.
We should look across the Channel for a reality check.