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Verb1.look around - look about oneself; "look around to see whether you can find the missing document"
look - perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards; "She looked over the expanse of land"; "Look at your child!"; "Look--a deer in the backyard!"
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rozhlédnout se
se sig omkring
katsella ympärilleen
주변을 둘러보다
se (sig) omkring
xem xét

w>look around

(generally) → sich umsehen
(in shop etc) → sich umsehen; (+prep obj) → sich (dat)ansehen or angucken (inf); I wanted to look around the exhibitionich wollte mir die Ausstellung ansehen
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look around

يَتَفَقِّدُ rozhlédnout se se sig omkring umsehen (sich) κοιτάζω τριγύρω echar un vistazo katsella ympärilleen jeter un œil razgledavati guardarsi intorno あたりを見回す 주변을 둘러보다 rondkijken se (seg) om rozejrzeć się dar uma olhada, dar uma olhadela осматривать se (sig) omkring มองไปรอบๆ düşünüp taşınmak xem xét 环顾
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See, I have captured one moment from eternity." Yet it is only in the East that poetry is truly appreciated, by those to whom leisure to look around them is vital as the air they breathe.
The shaggy man made the little dog let go, and sat up to look around him.
PAUL GASCOIGNE insists he is looking forward to "having a nice weekend, working hard and having a look around" during his week-long stay with Major League Soccer club DC United.
PARENTS are being invited to go back to the classroom and have a look around a Solihull school.
RADIO presenter Ed Doolan was invited to Nuneaton and Bedworth this week to take a look around the borough.
Lode Heath School and Sports College, in Lode Lane, is inviting people of all ages to take a look around the campus to see what the building has to offer on Tuesday, September 19.
Families are being invited to go along between 1pm and 3pm and have a look around the refurbished building before joining in the fun with face painting and a bouncy castle.
The only previous visit to the track for LOOK AROUND led to an easy all-the-way victory.
"We only have 30 days to go until people can come and have a look around and see for themselves the scale and quality of the council's new multi-million-pound venue which is designed to compete on a global scale."
Just because something existed from the time you were born, doesn't mean you accept that it continues to be that way: That's how the motor car was invented, the aeroplane, the computer,so look around you and think, what you can change by putting your thinking cap on:
This man few times to look around. burst in with A second man, a hammer and Hilal Saleh, owner Newsagent friend of the owner, who was in the back having a coffee, raced out to help his friend fight off the hammer raider.

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