look backward

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Verb1.look backward - look towards one's back; "don't look back while you walk"
look - perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards; "She looked over the expanse of land"; "Look at your child!"; "Look--a deer in the backyard!"
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Taking off his cap, he bowed low and opened the door of the prison, and Pinocchio ran out and away, with never a look backward.
Then all paused to look backward, but not a trace of the field of sunflowers remained.
Many ran as fast as their legs would let them; others moved off with greater dignity, turning occasionally to look backward over the shoulder.
Not a look backward. Oh, if he would but turn - if he could but see the love, the adoration, the atonement!
Secretary Information PML-N Maryam Aurangzeb responding to PM Imran's statement said everybody knows how much u-turns you have taken adding that Pakistan knows u don't look backward.
In today's turbulent competitive environment, manufacturers can't afford to look backward or follow lagging management practices.
As Wheeling entertained Conant in a Mid-Suburban League boys basketball crossover that served as the regular-season finale for both teams, there was a look backward to the past that serves as an inspiration toward the beginning of next week's IHSA tournament.
The problem is that we were unable to submit to the Party, merge with it completely, become imbued with the same feelings of absolute acceptance toward Stalin that the party and the whole country have become imbued with, but instead continued to look backward and to live our separate, stifling lives.
"Unfortunately," Shay opines, "many key proposals seem to look backward and may end up doing more harm than good."
He describes how leaders need to learn to look backward from the future to see the direction of change; voluntarily engage with fear through gaming, simulation, and similar experiences; embrace new organizational forms; continuously feel present even when they are not; and create and sustain positive energy.
Swordphish looks forward, while blacklist-based solutions look backward, thereby filling a critical gap in current detection systems.
learn to look backward and believe what I see, I will watch them dance