looking glass tree

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Noun1.looking glass tree - large evergreen tree of India and Burma whose leaves are silvery beneath
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
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"The Looking Glass Tree," an environmentfriendly tale written by Cyan AbadJugo and illustrated by Steph Bravo, was this school year's featured story in the Inquirer in Education (IIE) Serial Reading Program sponsored by Bench.
The assigned story, "The Looking Glass Tree (TLGT)," was penned by young Palanca awardwinning children's book author Cyan AbadJugo, whose earlier work, "Letters from Crispin," was thoroughly enjoyed the year before by pupils from 27 partner schools.
For seven weeks the children followed the featured story, "The Looking Glass Tree (TLGT)" by Cyan AbadHugo.