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Noun1.lookout man - a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated eventlookout man - a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
security guard, watchman, watcher - a guard who keeps watch
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The ship's cow, distressed by the heat and the smell of the ape-beast in the cage, lowed unhappily from time to time in exactly the same key as the lookout man at the bows answered the hourly call from the bridge.
Daniel's father Don, 61, said: "The second mate that was on watch was told by his lookout man that he'd seen these ships and he should move, but he didn't.
The lookout man is captured on CCTV making the Sign of the Cross as his accomplice steals the 116-year-old Sanctuary lamp.
A rookie FBI lookout man simply didn't notice they'd left.
is one of America's oldest towns, but the police department logged this as their first-ever arrest of a blind lookout man.
Lookout man Cameron Cole, 47, didn't lay a finger on Allan Blair, 64.
The lookout man lived here during the wars against the French and, until 1943, owners were paid pounds 1.
Sheriff's deputies said the lookout man, acting as a customer, had the keys to the getaway car, and he slowed down the others by standing in line to buy bread in the store.
He is the lookout man for a violent gang of armed robbers who may have been behind a string of similar raids across the city in recent weeks.
They escaped through a French window, where they were joined by the lookout man.