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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) An abnormal new growth of tissue in animals or plants.
Synonyms: tumor
Usage: The doctor explained that a biopsy would be needed in order to determine whether the neoplasm is benign or malignant.
Article of the Day

Song Yingxing

Song Yingxing was a Chinese scientist who authored an encyclopedia covering a wide variety of technical subjects during the late Ming Dynasty. Published in 1637, Tiangong KaiwuExploitation of the Works of Nature—was divided into chapters with broad themes, including agriculture, transportation, papermaking, and the use of gunpowder weapons. Although other encyclopedias had been previously published, Tiangong Kaiwu was distinguished by its substantial inclusion of what? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Domain Adverbs

We use specific viewpoint adverbs to delimit, or specify, what part or aspect of something we are talking about. These adverbs are often called domain adverbs, and are almost limitless. "Officially" is an example of a domain adverb. What are some others? More...
Idiom of the Day

roll (one's) eyes

To turn one's eyes upward or around in a circle, usually as an expression of exasperation, annoyance, impatience, or disdain. More...

This Day in History

The Running of the First Chicago Marathon (1977)

The largest marathon in the world at that time, the first running of the Mayor Daley Marathon—now the Bank of America Chicago Marathon—drew 4,200 participants. Since then it has grown both in size and prestige. The race is now capped at 45,000 runners and is considered one of the world's most renowned marathons. The 30th anniversary running of the race was unique in several respects. For one thing, it featured a special CEO challenge, and for another, it was halted after just 3 ½ hours. Why? More...
Today's Birthday

Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi (1799)

After Napoleon took control of Spain, Venezuelans seized the chance to revolt against Spanish rule. In 1811, Venezuela declared independence, but an earthquake in 1812 destroyed cities held by the rebels and furthered the cause of the royalists. In 1815, a pregnant Arismendi was captured—one day before her 17th birthday—by Spanish forces hoping to exert pressure on her husband, General Juan Bautista Arismendi, but she refused to renounce the revolution while imprisoned. What happened to her? More...
Today's Holiday

Hispanic Heritage Month (2018)

Since 1989, National Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated in the United States from September 15 until October 15. Issued as a presidential proclamation each year, the activities that take place during the month, particularly in cities with large Hispanic populations, focus on how Latinos have made the United States a richer and more interesting place to live. They include performances by Latino musical groups, lectures about Hispanic life, and special awards presentations to Latinos who have made significant achievements in business, education, or the arts. More...
Quote of the Day
Terrible emotions always do sound foolish when we put them into our inadequate words. They are not meant to be spoken—only felt and endured.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: simpleton

dodo - Comes from Portuguese doudo, "fool, simpleton," from the bird's awkward appearance. More...

doodle - Originally a noun meaning "fool, simpleton," from German dudeltopf, it came to mean absent-minded scribbling. More...

gullible - A derivative of archaic gull, "dupe" or "simpleton." More...

half-wit - Originally was "a would-be wit whose abilities are mediocre"; the sense of "simpleton" (one lacking all his wits) is attested to 1755. More...

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