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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) A conceited and self-centered person.
Synonyms: swellhead
Usage: There is nothing in this world that the egoist loves more than himself.
Article of the Day

The Last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

One of history's great romantic heroines, Cleopatra was the last ruler of Egypt's Ptolemaic dynasty. From 51 BCE, she ruled successively with her two brother-husbands and then her son. The latter, she claimed, was fathered by Julius Caesar, who had become her lover after entering Egypt in 48 BCE in pursuit of Pompey. She was with Caesar in Rome when he was assassinated, after which she returned to Egypt and soon met her last husband, Mark Antony, Caesar's heir apparent. How does their story end? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson


Grammatical mood refers to the way in which a verb is used to express certain meaning by the speaker or writer. Moods are broken down into two main categories. What are they? More...
Idiom of the Day

bring (something) into effect

To cause (something) to apply, begin operating, or take effect; to begin implementing or enforcing (something). More...

This Day in History

Coordinated Casablanca Bombings Kill 33 (2003)

In a single night in 2003, 12 suicide bombers detonated explosives over a short span of time at several locations in Casablanca, Morocco, including a Jewish community center, a Spanish restaurant, and the Belgian consulate. The coordinated bombings claimed 33 victims. Two terrorists were caught before they could carry out their missions, and many others were later arrested for their roles in what was the deadliest terrorist attack in Morocco's history. How did nine of them escape prison in 2008? More...
Today's Birthday

Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718)

Agnesi was an Italian mathematician and philosopher. A child prodigy, she mastered several languages at an early age, and her proud father often held academic gatherings at which she spoke. When she was 9, she delivered a lengthy speech in Latin on the topic of women's right to education. At 20, she withdrew from society to focus on her studies and went on to produce her noted two-volume mathematical treatise Analytical Institutions. What appointment did she later receive from the pope? More...
Today's Holiday

St. Brendan's Day (2021)

St. Brendan, who lived in the 6th century and is one of the most popular Irish saints, is alleged to be the author of Navigatio Brendani (the story of a journey to a land across the ocean). No one, including St. Brendan, knew where he had been when he returned, but a number of legends developed over the centuries. In 1977, an Irishman named Tim Severin built a boat out of leather as described in Navigatio and set out to follow St. Brendan's instructions. He ended up in Newfoundland, giving credence to the theory that St. Brendan reached America 1,000 years before Columbus. More...
Quote of the Day
When you've learned to laugh at the things that should be laughed at, and not to laugh at those that shouldn't, you've got wisdom and understanding.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: silent

tacit - One of its early meanings was "wordless, noiseless," from Latin tacere, "be silent." More...

reticent - Based on Latin tacere, combined with re-, an intensive prefix. More...

silent - From Latin silere, "be silent." More...

mumchance - To be mumchance is to be dumbstruck and silent. More...

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