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n. Informal
1. A Canadian coin worth one dollar.
2. The Canadian dollar.

[From the image of a loon on one side of the coin.]
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(Currencies) slang
a. a Canadian dollar coin with a loon bird on one of its faces
b. the Canadian currency
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or loon•y

(ˈlu ni)
Canadian Informal. a dollar coin.
[from the image of a loon on the reverse]
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Noun1.loonie - the basic unit of money in Canada; "the Canadian dollar has the image of loon on one side of the coin"
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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This has helped put a floor under crude prices, which the Loonie correlates with, after recent sharp declines.
The short term reaction to the diplomatic spat between Saudi Arabia and Canada is to short the loonie at 1.30 for a 1.33 target.
In an important passage in the novel, father figure --and once-legendary surfer--Sando waxes rhapsodic about surfing at its most sublime: 'Man, it's like you've felt the hand of God.' (4) Baker re-creates that scene pretty well word for word, with protagonist Pikelet (Samson Coulter) and best friend Loonie (Ben Spence) listening to Sando (played by Baker) with hushed awe as the trio drive away from a glorious day of surfing.
She's made Plaid a laughing stock with her brand of loonie left student politics and extreme feminism.
The decision to lower prices has been easier to swallow in recent months as the value of the "loonie," as the Canadian currency is known, has stabilized relative to the U.S.
Traveling north to Canada, you can find the "loonie" one-dollar coin.
Terry Dawydiak and Jodie Wilson of Vancouver, B.C., come to Whatcom County to shop a couple times a month, and the weak loonie wont keep them away, they said.
5 September 2014 - Unexpected growth in consumer spending and residential construction have seen the Canadian economy outperform in 2014 but continued low interest rates and a cheaper loonie are necessary to sustain growth going forward finds a new report from Toronto-based financial services firm Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE CM) CIBC World Markets.
A key if unstated corollary is that the value of the loonie is to be allowed to float freely--the exchange rate is ignored in calibrating monetary policy.
The negative impact of a weaker loonie will likely outweigh any benefits, says Philip Cross, former chief economic analyst for Statistics Canada, in his analysis published by the Fraser Institute.