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n. Informal
1. A Canadian coin worth one dollar.
2. The Canadian dollar.

[From the image of a loon on one side of the coin.]


(Currencies) slang
a. a Canadian dollar coin with a loon bird on one of its faces
b. the Canadian currency


or loon•y

(ˈlu ni)
Canadian Informal. a dollar coin.
[from the image of a loon on the reverse]
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Noun1.loonie - the basic unit of money in Canada; "the Canadian dollar has the image of loon on one side of the coin"
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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Respeto' (from the movie Respeto) - lyrics by Abra and Loonie, music by Jay Durias, beats by B-Boy Garcia, interpreted by Abra and Loonie
The loonie was stronger in December, which could undercut exports.
Over the past five years, however, the loonie had lost more than 30% of its value relative to the U.
The dovish RBA minutes, the Aussie dollar's failure to hold the psychologically-significant level of 80Ao and Goldman Sach's call for major declines in the oil price are all negative headwinds for the loonie.
It's called a loonie because it has an image of a loon, a North American waterfowl, on it.
A weak loonie and cheap oil a may be good for British columbia businesses, especially exporters, but some B.
From one industry that's flying high because of the lower loonie, to a Canadian icon going through some turbulence, it was a busy week in financial news.
come to Whatcom County to shop a couple times a month, and the weak loonie wont keep them away, they said.
5 September 2014 - Unexpected growth in consumer spending and residential construction have seen the Canadian economy outperform in 2014 but continued low interest rates and a cheaper loonie are necessary to sustain growth going forward finds a new report from Toronto-based financial services firm Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE CM) CIBC World Markets.
A key if unstated corollary is that the value of the loonie is to be allowed to float freely--the exchange rate is ignored in calibrating monetary policy.
Global Banking News-March 19, 2014--Central bank forecast dims prospects of loonie
At first blush, it simply seems a "smart ass" take on the title but Loonie has more detailed explanation.