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or loon·ey also lun·y (lo͞o′nē)Informal
adj. loon·i·er, loon·i·est also lun·i·er or lun·i·est
1. Extremely foolish or silly.
2. Mentally deranged; crazy.
n. pl. loon·ies or loon·eys also lun·ies
A foolish or crazy person.

[Shortening and alteration of lunatic, or from loon.]

loon′i·ly adv.
loon′i·ness n.


in a loony manner
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That the series archly referenced such modern-day scandals as Enron and, in its loonily bizarre finale, Halliburton, will likely be lost on most voters and viewers.
This sounds naive and loonily idealistic, except for one thing: He is a remarkably practical and astute politician.
However, Ford's loonily sadistic Brick Top is the most memorable.