loose off

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Verb1.loose off - fire as from a gunloose off - fire as from a gun; "The soldiers let drive their bullets"
fire, discharge - cause to go off; "fire a gun"; "fire a bullet"
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"That's not so bad as hintin' we should loose off on the colonel."
In that second call, Summers and Flint held out Sedgmen all four laps for another home 5-1 Summers was walking Heat 10 with ease until it sounded like a chain had come loose off the last bend, allowing Andersson to just pip the Bandit on the line in a 3-3.
"I said to myself, 'why can't they make a knob that won't vibrate loose off a lawn mower?' We make fasteners that won't vibrate off helicopters.
He looks well-handicapped these days and he'll think that he's been let loose off 8st 5lbs even if Fergal Lynch will have to miss his lunch to do the weight.
Volkswagen doesn't often take aim, loose off a shot and see it sail past the target, but that's not far off what it did with the Golf Plus.
Both men are too loose off the tee to handle the tight fairways and are full of holiday rust for the 6.20pm match.
But he's well aware of what it's like to try and keep a team focused on the pitch when all hell is breaking loose off it.
But there are bits of form which suggest he is extremely well handicapped and he will think he is let loose off 10st 1lb.
Del Valle escaped down the left flank this time and, after initially being held off by Taylor, Newcastle did not clear their lines before Braga's shot squirmed loose off Davide Santon to beat Alnwick for a third time on 26 minutes.
The incident occurred early in the race at the Nurburgring, with Allen struck by a wheel that had worked loose off Mark Webber's Red Bull as the Australian pulled out of his pit box.
He's only performed well this year on courses where he's won before and he's pretty loose off the tee at the moment and could end up in all sorts of trouble.
Do not send up a light till you have good reason to suspect an enemy's close presence and until you have made arrangements to loose off at him when the light goes up.