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v. loos·ened, loos·en·ing, loos·ens
1. To make looser or less tight: loosened his tie; loosened her grip on the rope.
2. To free from restraint, pressure, or strictness: loosened the requirements for graduation.
3. To free (the bowels) from constipation.
To become loose or looser: My shoelace has loosened.
Phrasal Verb:
loosen up
1. To do stretches or light exercise before a more strenuous activity.
2. To become less strict or tense, as in one's demeanor; relax: always loosened up after he got home.

[Middle English lousnen, losnen, from losen, from los, loose; see loose.]
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Adj.1.loosened - straightened outloosened - straightened out      
untangled - not tangled
References in classic literature ?
Loose stones were beginning to roll down, accompanied by patches of earth loosened by the water.
She immediately loosened little Gerda's clothes, pulled off her thick gloves and boots; for otherwise the heat would have been too great--and after laying a piece of ice on the Reindeer's head, read what was written on the fish-skin.
The house occupied by the family was on the slope of a mountain, and after a long drought there was a terrible tempest which not only raised the river to a great height but loosened the surface of the mountain so that a great landslide took place.
Edna, left alone in the little side room, loosened her clothes, removing the greater part of them.
Harling, and while I loosened the earth around the tree, she sat down on the steps and talked about the oriole family that had a nest in its branches.
A second soldier caught from the hands of the dying man the iron crow, with which he heaved at and had loosened the stone pinnacle, when, receiving an arrow through his head-piece, he dropped from the battlements into the moat a dead man.
A careful examination of the balance of the tent revealed nothing more, at least nothing to indicate the presence of the jewels; but at the side where the blankets and clothing lay, the ape-man discovered that the tent wall had been loosened at the bottom, and presently he sensed that the Belgian had recently passed out of the tent by this avenue.
'When you came in, I was just wondering whether this figure here had not accidentally got loosened from the wall behind it.' He laid his hand on the marble forehead, for the third time.
The warrant being made out, three of the thief-takers bound him afresh (he had been struggling, it seemed, in the chaise, and had loosened his manacles); gagged him lest they should meet with any of the mob, and he should call to them for help; and seated themselves, along with him, in the carriage.
Dorothy was feeling one of her front teeth, which was loosened by knocking against her knee as she fell.
But I found I was wrong, for as soon as I loosened the knot around his neck, he gave a long sigh and mumbled with a faint voice, `Now I feel better!'"
Matt took hold of White Fang, ready to pull when Cherokee's jaws should be loosened. This the younger man endeavoured to accomplish by clutching the bulldog's jaws in his hands and trying to spread them.