Visibly relaxed or loose; not tense.

[From the phrase loose as a goose.]


adj. Slang.
relaxed or limber; loose.
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8232; Phantom Thread is not as hermetic as The Master or as loosey-goosey as Inherent Vice.
He's a loosey-goosey improvisational grandmaster himself, so we hit it off.
Its star Don Cheadle gives a performance as good as anything you'll see this year, although that loosey-goosey structure makes the film go from exciting to exasperating awfully quickly.
Steve Trout, Major League pitcher throughout the 80s, will be signing his children's book Loosey-Goosey Baseball Sunday.
Its star Don Cheadle gives a performance as good as anything you'll see this year although that loosey-goosey structure and a plot involving a Lethal Weaponstyle series of car chases quickly make the film go from exciting to exasperating.
But it is so loosey-goosey, nebulous, if you ask me.
The result is loosey-goosey and hopelessly soulful, something like a long-lost Neil Young bootleg.
However, noted the Washington Post, "[Y]ou can't play loosey-goosey with the facts and not end up sacrificing, to some degree, credibility and trust.
The Emmys are being loosey-goosey about category placement,'' said Tom O'Neil, author of "The Emmys'' reference book and organizer of the Gold Derby awards website.
While the FAA has been very strict for quite a while, the drivers exam has been loosey-goosey until now.
The current system is a little bit loosey-goosey and has some folks taking advantage of it.