Visibly relaxed or loose; not tense.

[From the phrase loose as a goose.]
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adj. Slang.
relaxed or limber; loose.
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But as you can see, such "analysis" of who should get what doesn't even rise to the level of loosey-goosey.
He always seems more interested in what his movies are than in what they're about or who they might be for.
 Phantom Thread is not as hermetic as The Master or as loosey-goosey as Inherent Vice.
He's a loosey-goosey improvisational grandmaster himself, so we hit it off.
Its star Don Cheadle gives a performance as good as anything you'll see this year, although that loosey-goosey structure makes the film go from exciting to exasperating awfully quickly.
* Steve Trout, Major League pitcher throughout the 80s, will be signing his children's book Loosey-Goosey Baseball Sunday.
Its star Don Cheadle gives a performance as good as anything you'll see this year although that loosey-goosey structure and a plot involving a Lethal Weaponstyle series of car chases quickly make the film go from exciting to exasperating.
My personal preference is for a strong but not bone-breaking connection, nothing "loosey-goosey" involving fingertips.
But it is so loosey-goosey, nebulous, if you ask me.
"I know it's still pretty loosey-goosey, but it's gonna be shaped like that," Twist says, as the rehearsal breaks for dinner at 6 p.m.
The result is loosey-goosey and hopelessly soulful, something like a long-lost Neil Young bootleg.
However, noted the Washington Post, "[Y]ou can't play loosey-goosey with the facts and not end up sacrificing, to some degree, credibility and trust." While readers interested in Mitchell's personal life will probably be disappointed, those interested in the craft of writing, creative nonfiction, or mid-century New York will find much to entertain them.