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intr.v. loped, lop·ing, lopes
To run or ride with a steady, easy gait.
A steady, easy gait.

[Middle English lopen, to leap, from Old Norse hlaupa.]

lop′er n.
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Shane Loper is Chief Operating Officer for Gulfport based Hancock Holding Company, one of America's strongest, safest financial institutions.
Spectrum volunteers were honored with service pins, including in front, Judy Thiel, with 17,000 volunteer hours; second row, from left, Janet Baxter and Wayne Disegna, both with 3,000 hours; Joyce Kazmarski, with 5,000 hours; John Wallis, 3,000 hours; third row seated: Mary Reeds Mortensen, 2,000 hours; Debby Saxton, Terri Reimer, Gary Loper, Irene Geniac, and Doris Ford, 1,000 hours; fourth row, standing: Paul Montminy and Virginia Fox, 500 hours; Jill Lloyd, Nancy Peterson, Salinda Seymour and Linda Ybarra, with 100 hours; and Peggy Kortge, with 500 hours.
Loper - Steven Wayne Loper, 59, of Eugene, died April 16.
The Silent NEMO project is a showcase of the talents and intelligence of US Navy's junior sailors, department head for Concepts and Innovation Captain Jim Loper said.
President Loper says: "My goal is to create a new climate in our company.
The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards announced Thursday that it has hired John Loper to be director of corporate relations, a position the board says is "vitally important to increasing top financial service firms' preference for and investment in CFP certification.
Loper and her husband Michael, all of Webster; his maternal grandparents, William and Grace (Giovinazzi) Konkel of Charlton; 2 nephews, Dominic and Hunter Palmerino; aunts, uncles and cousins.
Cllr Stuart Kelly said: "This application was originally recommended for approv r al by the councils planning officers, but I was very concerned that the deve e loper was planning to convert the building into 16 flats with totally inadequate communal washing and toilet facilities.
Tom Loper as vice president of military operations.
Loper Elementary School Principal Brent Baker told the news site, "I enjoy meeting the parents that will be sending their children to Loper.
The collaboration will allow High Pressure to pursue the expansion of its capabilities, not only in its domestic market but also internationally, Loper stated.
Custom software development company Amadeus ConsultingOs Steve Loper is teaming up with aviation experts on the Transportation Research BoardOs (TRB) Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Panel for the project ACRP 09-05 Guidance on Successful Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Selection and Practices.