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lop 1

tr.v. lopped, lop·ping, lops
1. To cut off (a part), especially from a tree or shrub: lopped off the dead branches.
2. To cut off a part or parts from; trim: lopped the vines back; lopped her curls shorter.
3. To eliminate or excise as superfluous: lopped him from the payroll.

[Perhaps from Middle English loppe, small branches and twigs.]

lop′per n.

lop 2

intr. & tr.v. lopped, lop·ping, lops
To hang or let hang loosely; droop.

[Origin unknown.]
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Hanke went on to say that Hungary lopped 29 zeros off of its unit of account, which means this was the biggest lopping off of zeros in history.
But many hardliners have fought the idea of lopping off more zeros.
Plus the chainsaw is angle adjustable 30-60 degrees) to make lopping easier, faster and safer!