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1. Heavier, larger, or higher on one side than on the other.
2. Sagging or leaning to one side.
3. Characterized by the domination of one competitor over another: a lopsided victory.

lop′sid′ed·ly adv.
lop′sid′ed·ness n.
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Adv.1.lopsidedly - in a crooked lopsided manner; "he smiled lopsidedly"
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For Mooney, sales are lopsidedly tilted toward the turbocharged Acclaim, evidently because Mooney buyers are more speed obsessed than Cirrus owners.
After all, judges are drawn from the most highly politicized and lopsidedly partisan spheres of our society: primarily from left-leaning law faculties and the increasingly monolithic ranks of elite law firms.
5tn Republican tax plan by 2 to 1, and knew how lopsidedly its benefits flowed to the wealthy, the GOP made it worse.
Although we do verbally recognize that children are future of our nation but we don't invest in their future by lopsidedly restricting only about 2.
Among the controversial discussions she weighed in on were President Donald Trump's proposed travel ban that would lopsidedly affect Muslims and the NFL "kneeling" protest over the National Anthem.
PTI leader Hamid Khan was of the opinion that by rejecting our references, Speaker National Assembly has lopsidedly acted over the matter.
Moreover, the investigation was being conducted lopsidedly and the assets of the states were widely used.
When the Oregon Legislature voted lopsidedly in 2013 to allow public universities to be governed by their own boards of trustees, it was assumed that financial autonomy was part of the deal - indeed, it was a primary reason for the grant of independence.
Creepingly, lopsidedly, the monster gimped along the hallway toward the girl.
Between 2010 and 2015, China's commodity exports to the Philippines totaled $124 billion against the Philippines' $39 billion; needless to say, the balance of merchandise trading lopsidedly favored China by $85 billion or twice as much as the Philippines' exports for the period.
But it was the message in the end that got me thinking about how we should all be grateful for what we have in a world that is so lopsidedly unfair.
To the extent that they are competing for the same group of moderate voters, Donald Trump has apparently won the contest lopsidedly.