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1. Heavier, larger, or higher on one side than on the other.
2. Sagging or leaning to one side.
3. Characterized by the domination of one competitor over another: a lopsided victory.

lop′sid′ed·ly adv.
lop′sid′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.lopsidedness - an oblique or slanting asymmetry
asymmetry, dissymmetry, imbalance - (mathematics) a lack of symmetry
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It had to be uttered once in a life, to adjust the lopsidedness of the world.
* Getting the media to pay attention to the lopsidedness of accounting curricula and the need for a management accounting track in university accounting curricula.
Yet their perspectives left me thinking that what Briccetti terms a "new awareness of multiplicity" coexists with a pattern depressingly familiar outside the literary realm: Formal equality masks and justifies the lopsidedness of privilege.
He has an acute perception of what the poet Hopkins called `inscape': the individually distinctive quality of objects; such as the banded traces of the potter's fingers on an earthenware jug, the rounded flatness of an almond shell, the red-brown lopsidedness of a shallot bulb.
These examples of poor communication, mixed messages, lopsidedness, wasted motion, counterproductive moves, and missed opportunities are the ground from which coordinated school health programs have arisen.
With casting more weighted to the extremes than ever, this lopsidedness has become a high-profile way to expose new talent globally.
Easy to recognize because of its characteristic lopsidedness. Fruit is medium to large, with pinkish-red blush.
This lopsidedness arises in large part from the competitive pressures of the global economy.
If this lopsidedness persists, it will impede the global collaboration of Christians in mission.
A reason for this lopsidedness is that journalists are defining women - particularly in health care, education, and social work, where they are the majority - out of the news by failing to treat their work as though it mattered.
And when it starts spinning and spitting, epistemological lopsidedness and ontological weirdness can't be far behind.
For example, how else does one explain the apparent lopsidedness in the appointment of political officeholders, particularly the heads of the security establishments in the country?