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1. Heavier, larger, or higher on one side than on the other.
2. Sagging or leaning to one side.
3. Characterized by the domination of one competitor over another: a lopsided victory.

lop′sid′ed·ly adv.
lop′sid′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.lopsidedness - an oblique or slanting asymmetry
asymmetry, dissymmetry, imbalance - (mathematics) a lack of symmetry
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It had to be uttered once in a life, to adjust the lopsidedness of the world.
But lopsidedness in NAB's anti-corruption drive threatens to politicise the accountability bureau and colour the public's perception of a much-needed drive against wrongdoing in the state apparatus.
We say without fear of contradictions that the fact is that this lopsidedness cannot be isolated from the parochial posture of the top security operatives and the free reign of the Fulani herdsmen in Middle Belt and elsewhere and the onslaught they continuously unleash on our people,' he said.
In some cases, the lopsidedness can obstruct breathing.
A 2012 study for the Women & Politics Institute at American University suggests the lopsidedness in political leadership isn't about voters who won't vote for women.
The lopsidedness of the defeat demoralized the Arab public and political elites.
By the time mid-eclipse approaches, the lopsidedness of the Moon's illumination will be totally obvious.
Refuting those who would have us believe eventual assimilation will create more political homogeneity, the lopsidedness continues as time goes on.
This move is congruent with other lopsidedness in the moral economy of Fair Trade that seems to perpetuate global inequality, albeit in softer terms.
That lopsidedness came after bigger clubs failed to win their groups, and unexpected results, of course, are part of the game.
As a result of what happened in the group stages, there is a real lopsidedness to the draw and that definitely favours Wales.
Part of the reason for this lopsidedness is Hume's own doing.