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he speaks; she speaks.
[< Latin loquitur]
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[32] was 6 [micro]g/kg, which is higher than the study LOD, and they did not report LOQ. Using a similar method used herein, with LOQ of 1.5 [micro]g/kg, Levine et al.
Considering that most of the data was below the LOQ, it was not possible to perform a descriptive statistical analysis of Hg concentrations.
Acetaldehyde, furfural and acrolein were also reported at low levels (concentrations lower than LOQ of the method: 1.5, 1.4 and 1.0[micro]g [L.sup.-1] and higher than LOD: 0.8; 0.5 and 0.7[micro]g/Lin 57, 71 and 76% of samples, respectively), which do not pose a health risk.
Other publications in the last years showed similar approaches but they usually lacked in integration of systems, automation of all the analytical phases and high sensibility in terms of LOD and LOQ values, that are essential features when cleaning protocol and decontamination products are still improving.
Table-2: LOD and LOQ values for the determination of hydroxyproline.
The LOD (signal /noise ratio of 3:1) was calculated as 0.037 [micro]g [mL.sup.-1] and the LOQ (signal/noise ratio of 10:1) was determined as 0.125 [micro]g [mL.sup.-1].
Q is the Limit of Detection (LOD) or Limit of Quantity (LOQ), sb is standard of deviation, k =3 for LOD, k=10 for LOQ, and b is the slope (Harmita, 2004).
The limit ofdetection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ) for the standards curves were: gallic acid (LOD = 0.015 and LOQ = 0.049 g/mL), chlorogenic acid (LOD = 0.008 and LOQ = 0.027 g/mL), caffeic acid (LOD = 0.023 and LOQ = 0.076 g/mL), coumarin (LOD = 0.021 and LOQ = 0.065 g/mL), rutin (LOD = 0.009 and LOQ = 0.031 g/mL), quercitrin (LOD = 0.027 and LOQ = 0.089 g/mL), quercetin (LOD = 0.011 and LOQ = 0.037 g/mL) and kaempferol (LOD = 0.030 and LOQ = 0.098 g/mL).
As a result of the extension, the company anticipates submitting its response to the D120 LoQ in May 2018.
The limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitation (LOQ) were determined, and data pertaining to LOD, LOQ, interday, and intraday precision are given in Table 1.