lose sight of

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Verb1.lose sight of - be no longer able to see; "We lost sight of the tower as pulled out of the harbor"
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ztratit z očí
szem elõl téveszt
missa sjónar á
stratiť z očí
gözden kaybetmek


(sait) noun
1. the act or power of seeing. The blind man had lost his sight in the war.
2. the area within which things can be seen by someone. The boat was within sight of land; The end of our troubles is in sight.
3. something worth seeing. She took her visitors to see the sights of London.
4. a view or glimpse.
5. something seen that is unusual, ridiculous, shocking etc. She's quite a sight in that hat.
6. (on a gun etc) an apparatus to guide the eye in taking aim. Where is the sight on a rifle?
1. to get a view of; to see suddenly. We sighted the coast as dawn broke.
2. to look at (something) through the sight of a gun. He sighted his prey and pulled the trigger.
ˈsight-seeing noun
visiting the chief buildings, places of interest etc of an area. They spent a lot of their holiday sight-seeing in London; (also adjective) a sight-seeing tour.
ˈsight-seer noun
catch sight of
to get a brief view of; to begin to see. He caught sight of her as she came round the corner.
lose sight of
to stop being able to see. She lost sight of him in the crowd.
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Then remembering his brother Nikolay, he resolved to himself that he would never allow himself to forget him, that he would follow him up, and not lose sight of him, so as to be ready to help when things should go ill with him.
He often allowed him to indulge in this pastime, but he had ordered his grand-vizir always to go with him, and never to lose sight of him.
Summary: New Delhi, Aug 14 (ANI): India will never lose its capacity to listen to the feeblest voice, lose sight of its ancient ideals or forget its sense of fairness, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Wednesday.
But it's important to not lose sight of what makes your company unique.'
It may be a good time to reflect on what it is that really pushes all of us so far and hard that we lose sight of our moral compasses.
DARYL HORGAN insists Dundalk cannot lose sight of their home comforts while embarking on a continental adventure.
"I am doing this because I love it, I started to lose sight of that for a long time, I started to concentrate on wanting to get onto the other show and all that other stuff, I kind of lost sight of why I started doing it.
When I squeeze slowly, I lose sight of the arrow in flight.
It is important, therefore, that we do not lose sight of the essential preparation we are expected to acquire in school.
It only takes a split second for a driver to lose sight of a ground guide, or for a ground guide to make a mistake that can result in major equipment damage or worse, an injury or death.
One judge recently said that, victims notwithstanding, we must not lose sight of the perpetrators in these cases.