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These lose-lose decisions always feel the hardest, obviously, because you dont see any courses of action you like but inaction leaves you stuck in the limbo of facing an unwanted choice.
Villeroy said, 'Unilateral deregulation would be nothing less than a lose-lose scenario with serious consequences for the stability of the global financial system - we would be paving the way for the next financial crisis - as well as the competitive landscape for US, Japanese and European banks.
Further delays to trade and transition talks would create a lose-lose scenario for everyone with a stake in the game.
The group is calling for DA and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to lower chicken prices to P80-90 so consumers can at least benefit from the lose-lose scenario.
We think manufacturers in the UK and across Europe will be better served by the UK remaining a member of the EU" He said that Brexit would risk a lose-lose situation for manufacturers across Europe, as well as in the UK.
The Nadir Ciftci biting case risks being another lose-lose for them.
A Grexit would be a lose-lose situation for all, with unpredictable, possibly catastrophic consequences.
Lose-Lose is essentially "If I can't have my way, neither will you," but it also could be a situation involving a compromise.
In a statement, the NCTA said that "a government mandated a la carte system is a lose-lose proposition.
From Lyndon Johnson's lose-lose decision to escalate the Vietnam War to a police attack on civil rights demonstrators in Selma, Alabama, Patterson (emeritus, history, Brown U.
From this point on, it is lose-lose," Feinstein explained, during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.
This means that while Americans are forced to pay more for food, they're also not seeing lower prices at the pump; it's a lose-lose situation.