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n. pl. ma·lo·ti (mä-)
See Table at currency.

[Sotho, from Maloti, a range of mountains in Lesotho.]


(ˈləʊtɪ; ˈluːtɪ)
n, pl maloti (məˈləʊtɪ; -ˈluːtɪ)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Lesotho, divided into 100 lisente


(ˈloʊ ti)

n., pl. ma•lo•ti (mɑˈloʊ ti)
the basic monetary unit of Lesotho.
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Noun1.loti - the basic unit of money in Lesotho
Lesotho monetary unit - monetary unit in Lesotho
sente - 100 lisente equal 1 loti in Lesotho; one sente is worth one-hundredth of a loti
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On a day, so far back that there was no way of estimating its distance, one, Somo, son of Loti, who was the chief of the island fortress of Umbo, had quarrelled with his father and fled from his wrath along with a dozen canoe-loads of young men.
Address : 119 Rue Pierre Loti Bp 60030 17301 Rochefort Cedex
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Maan al-Hitawi discussed with the Political Adviser to the British Ambassador in Baghdad Nicholas Altn and Assistance to Loti Paros, the preparations of the Commission to conduct the upcoming election.
They can relish in a Valentine's menu for two at the TsAaAaAeA@ Fung or at the Loti restaurant (only on Februa 14).
Elen's work is based around the mythical world of fairies and focuses on a character called Loti, who is on the threshold between childhood and adolescence, trying to find her feet.
The 23-year-old said the story which won the Urdd Eisteddfod Crown at Bridgend is based around the mythical world of fairies - the main character is a fairy called Loti who is on the threshold between childhood and adolescence, and trying to find her feet.
The event, which called to bring a community together to stand "against racism and oppression," was co-organized by Jessica Loti Leferrier, who raised over $5,000 leading up to it.
Le touriste flanant dans les rues de Rochefort, en Charente-Maritime, s'etonnera peut-etre de rencontrer de nombreuses references a Pierre Loti, l'auteur des romans Aziyade (1879), Le Mariage de Loti (1880), et Pecheur d'Islande (1886).
PAC was informed that Pirkoh and Loti gas fields are working in Balochistan, these fields were producing 120 to 150 MMSCFD gas but now it reduced up to 15 to 20 MMSCF.
According to levies sources, unidentified men had attached improvised explosive device with pipeline supplying gas to purification Loti Plant from well number 8 and 10 which went off.
In the pack, Devlin Hope starts at hooker with a fitness doubt over Matt Price, while Danny Wright moves into the second row and Sam Pailor reverts to blind side flanker with Loti Molitika called up at No.
Thatcher then turned provider as his quick tap penalty caught Sale napping, Luke Hibberd racing down the right to cross and the bonus point was sealed on 37 minutes as a forward drive ended with Loti Molitika touching down.