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Of, relating to, or living in flowing water.

[From Latin lōtus, past participle of lavere, to wash; see lotion.]


(Environmental Science) ecology of, relating to, or designating natural communities living in rapidly flowing water. Compare lentic
[C20: from Latin lotus, a past participle of lavāre to wash]


(ˈloʊ tɪk)

pertaining to or living in flowing water.
[1915–20; < Latin lōt(us), variant of lautus, past participle of lavāre to wash (compare lotion) + -ic]
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Adj.1.lotic - of or relating to or living in actively moving water
lentic - of or relating to or living in still waters (as lakes or ponds)
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Conversely, river crayfish orienting under lotic conditions had an opposite relationship between heading angle and distance.
However, most of our knowledge of the effects of dams on lotic ecosystems is from studies lasting <5 years (Jackson and Fureder, 2006), and more studies have evaluated effects on fauna than on flora (Poff and Zimmerman, 2010).
The IBL, GBL, and BSC are relatively lotic freshwaters.
Natural flow disturbance is central in shaping lotic community structure (Power et al.
Berlin-based producer Lotic manipulates his music like a movie director does a thriller.
Telemetry studies have been conducted on both lentic and lotic fishes, and are commonly employed to assess habitat use (Paukert and Willis 2002), daily movement (Helfman et al.
Spatial and temporal distribution of Odonata naiads in lentic and lotic ecosystems of Potohar plateau, Punjab.
George Reservoir, the low discharge rates encountered during the 2012 sample period reduced the lotic portion of the river to less than 8 km.
System for in situ measurement of the physico-chemical groundwater in situ Measurement System phytoplankton monitoring system caracteristicolor term aquatic systems (standard ICP-M) Portable system for determining leaf area index, Barca to travel Sampling in slow and lotic aquatic systems with peridoc, portable positioning satellite system, automatic sampler liquid samples, Mode ichthyofauna.
Leopard and Longnose Dace are frequently found together and occur in lotic and lentic habitats (Carl and others 1967) similar to those present in the lower Tualatin River.
argentinum populations living in lentic and lotic environments exhibit major changes in their reproductive strategies.
The longitudinal variability in ecological conditions in streams is due to stream size (headwaters, medium-sized streams, and large rivers), as is the attendant variability in the structural and functional attributes of lotic insect communities (Vannote et al.