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Noun1.lottery winner - the winner of a lotterylottery winner - the winner of a lottery    
winner - a gambler who wins a bet
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I loved your story about young lottery winner Dean Weymes.
A lucky player could become the UK's third-biggest National Lottery winner if they scoop the [pounds sterling]144 million rollover jackpot this week.
One ticket holder scooped the PS114,969,775 jackpot, making them Britain's fourth biggest lottery winner.
In court documents, the lottery winner asked a judge to allow the lottery winnings to be paid to a designated trust that keeps her anonymous.
The winners were helped by war hero Matthew Croucher, who won the George Cross medal for gallantry, and Derbyshire lottery winner Ken Wedgeworth, who volunteers at The Arboretum and was in the British Army for 35 years.
A LOTTERY winner from Tyneside has just four days to claim a PS1m EuroMillions prize - or lose the money forever.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Money doesn't make you happy aACAo just ask a lottery winner aACAo and neither does "making it" into a higher social class.
Further details regarding the lottery winner will be revealed once the winner decides to go public.
Members of the the Pinley over 60's group in Stoke Aldermoor join in the festive fun brought by the lottery Winner Wonderland tour
THE lottery winner who bagged himself PS6million took the punt with his last two pounds.
George Ross isn't the only lottery winner to return to work after scooping millions of pounds.