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n. Informal
One given to loud, irritating, or indiscreet talk.

loud′mouthed′ (-mouthd′, -moutht′) adj.


1. a person who brags or talks too loudly
2. a person who is gossipy or tactless
loudmouthed adj



n., pl. -mouths (-ˌmaʊðz, -ˌmaʊθs)
a loudmouthed person.
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Noun1.loudmouth - a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetlyloudmouth - a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetly
bad hat, mischief-maker, trouble maker, troublemaker, troubler - someone who deliberately stirs up trouble


noun bigmouth (slang), noisily, swaggerer, brag, blusterer, windbag (slang), braggart, braggadocio, gasbag (informal), blowhard (informal), bullshitter (taboo slang), bullshit artist (taboo slang) He is a loudmouth, and very spoilt too.


[ˈlaʊdmaʊθ] Nbocazas mf inv
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While the obvious course of action when faced with a loudmouth is to move seats/ carriages/trains, this is not always possible.
The Canadian loudmouth thought he had the Big Dog after locking in the Walls of Jericho.
The unions were lamented for arguing for the "status quo", taking the easiest option and "taking their cue from the loudmouth at the back of the room".
Goldsmith's spot on about the Lib Dumb loudmouth when four years later my hospital remains open.
Well, I think there is a big difference between straight-talking and being a loudmouth," The Daily Times quoted Miliband, as saying.
That loudmouth bravado sets the tone of their third album.
Around 180 pupils at Cardinal Wiseman School took part in the My Mate Fancies You scheme, run by Loudmouth Education and Training.
LOUDMOUTH Liam Gallagher has launched a foulmouthed tirade against on U2 - claiming that he has NEVER met anyone who likes them.
A formal meeting of the council's vulnerable children scrutiny committee became the unusual setting for a theatrical performance by Birmingham-based Loudmouth Education.
Few reality TV contestants will have ever split opinion like the loudmouth Dickinson, but punters expect her to win enough fans to make her a surprise force.
Russia's hottest new TV show revolves around a couch-potato shoe salesman, his loudmouth wife, and their two stacker teens.
COMIC Catherine Tate is planning to kill off loudmouth teenager Lauren Cooper.