louis d'or

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louis d'or

(ˌluːɪ ˈdɔː; French lwi dɔr)
n, pl louis d'or (ˌluːɪz ˈdɔː; French lwi dɔr)
1. (Currencies) a former French gold coin worth 20 francs
2. (Currencies) an old French coin minted in the reign of Louis XIII
Often shortened to: louis
[C17: from French: golden louis, named after Louis XIII]

lou•is d'or

(ˌlu i ˈdɔr)

n., pl. lou•is d'or (ˌlu iz, ˌlu i)
a former gold coin of France, issued from 1640 to 1795.
[1680–90; < French: literally, louis of gold; after Louis XIII]
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Noun1.louis d'or - a former French gold coinlouis d'or - a former French gold coin    
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
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This exquisite piece of human ingenuity had originally cost five louis d'or, and Adrienne had once shown it to her employer, who had generously offered to give two napoleons for it.
It was not an immense fortune that Cropole had in perspective; but he might hope to double the thousand louis d'or left by his father, to make another thousand louis by the sale of his house and stock, and at length to live happily like a retired citizen.
In his right pocket he had his letter of credit, in the left, his passport, and in a small leathern purse some double louis d'or, carefully sewn up in the bosom of his waistcoat.