louping ill

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loup·ing ill

 (lou′pĭng, lō′-)
An infectious neurological disease chiefly of sheep, caused by a flavivirus that is transmitted by the sheep tick. It is characterized by a jerky, hopping gait and often prolonged trembling.

[From Scots loup, to leap, from Middle English lopen; see lope.]

louping ill

(ˈlaʊpɪŋ; ˈləʊ-)
(Veterinary Science) a viral disease of sheep causing muscular twitching and partial paralysis: transmitted by the bite of an infected tick (Ixodes ricinus)
[C18 louping, from loup2]
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Infection with a strain of louping ill virus from Spain was first reported for sheep in the Basque region of northern Spain in 1987.
We know Louping Ill exists on the ground and we know Golden Plover are on the ground," said George Winn-Darley of the North Yorkshire Moorland Association.
Genetic distances of GGE strains and those of western, eastern, and louping ill subtypes are 16.
In this way they can spread a number of diseases to humans, including Borreliosis, also known as Lyme disease, louping ill in grouse and tick fever in sheep.
Recently, taxonomic improvements were proposed, and TBEV were divided into 4 types: Western, Eastern, Turkish sheep, and Louping ill (3).