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 (lous′wûrt′, -wôrt′)
Any of numerous hemiparasitic plants of the genus Pedicularis, having spikes of irregular, usually hooded or beaked flowers.

[From the belief that sheep feeding on it were prone to lice.]
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(Plants) any of various N temperate scrophulariaceous plants of the genus Pedicularis, having spikes of white, yellow, or mauve flowers. See also betony3
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(ˈlaʊsˌwɜrt, -ˌwɔrt)

any plant of the genus Pedicularis, of the figwort family, with pinnate leaves of yellow or purple flowers.
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The only signs of spring in this place are the return of a few birds to the glen and the appearance of the little flowers of the bog-buck bean, lousewort, milkwort, tormentil, roseroot, and a few Alpines.
Y briwydd wen (Galium saxatile; heath bedstraw) oedd blodyn arall oedd i'w weld yna yn ogystal a melog y cwn (Pedicularis sylvatica; lousewort).
A shockingly pink woolly lousewort that makes our naturalist guide squeal with delight.
Uwchben roedd cri'r gwylanod a dan draed roedd tresgl y moch, yr effros (eyebright; euphrasia) a melog y cwen (lousewort; pedicularis sylvatica) yn creu carped lliwgar ac roedd swn y tonnau'n llepian yn ddistaw ar y creigiau.
Pedieularis lanceolata Michx.; Swamp Lousewort, Fen Lousewort, Fen Betony; Wet roadside ditch and meadow; Infrequent; C = 6; BSUH 14684.
Pedicularis (lousewort) is a genus of semi-parasitic plants, often conspicuous in the alpine zone all over the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayan Mountains.
Lousewort Pedicularis lanata Mare's tail Hippuris vulgaris Purple rattle Pedicularis sudetica Crow foot Ranunculus spp.
microfauna (and flora) as the Delhi Sands flower-loving fly (Rhaphiomidas terminatus abdominalis), the furbish lousewort (Pedicularis furbishiae), and the snail darter (Percina tanasi) received
2000), at http://www.firstthings.com/ ftissues/ft0010/articles/symposium-uhlmann.html (noting that "[l]izards and lousewort enjoy greater attention and legal protection" than the child en ventre sa mere).