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adj. lous·i·er, lous·i·est
1. Inferior or worthless: a lousy play.
2. Extremely contemptible; nasty: a lousy trick.
3. Sick or unwell: I feel really lousy.
4. Infested with lice.
5. Slang Abundantly supplied: lousy with money.

lous′i·ly adv.
lous′i·ness n.
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Whatever you thought of where the club had been and where it was heading, there was at least a rough outline of a plan there from Mike Ashley - even if it was lousily communicated and executed.
Another study shows that all-nighters might do lousily in their studies as compared to the early risers, but the former do well later in their lives even though they have heavy bags under their eyes.
This prompts her to treat him lousily enough to produce what in romantic-comedy terms would be the third-act crisis, which here includes the distracting presence of an actress on Gus' show (Briga Heelan), who's really nice because she's, well, Canadian.