louvered door

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lou´vered door`

n.1.A door having louvers in place of a solid panel, in part or all of the surface of the door.
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the addition of a louvered door with natural airflow prevented a flammable concentration from forming due to a leak in an enclosed closet; and
We never turned ours on, though, and found that the louvered door, the screened lanai and the ceiling fan ensured that the room stayed pleasantly cool.
The best time to explore the property is early in the morning after a stop at the Library, the freestanding building with louvered doors that open to the beach on one side, the pool on the other.
The louvered doors typically found in the fitting rooms do not allow someone to see in from outside, affording the shoplifter extra privacy.
The approximately 8,630 square-foot home includes five and one-half bathrooms; great room with pocket glass, screen and operable louvered doors and open-air dining room and living room pavilion.
Divided into compartments with louvered doors and a rear fE[micro]rrENdsdel.
To place an order or for more information about louvered doors,cabinet doors, or exterior shutters, please visit www.
Windswept has a seaside design theme, featuring louvered doors.
It is also a popular choice for louvered doors and shutters, Browning added.
Two 9-foot-wide closets with bifold louvered doors fill the wall that backs up to the carport.