louvered door

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lou´vered door`

n.1.A door having louvers in place of a solid panel, in part or all of the surface of the door.
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The reception hall has a louvered door to fitted cupboards, understair storage, stairs to the first floor with contemporary spindle balustrade, and louvered double doors to the open plan living space.
the addition of a louvered door with natural airflow prevented a flammable concentration from forming due to a leak in an enclosed closet; and
The louvered door is made from one of a pair of closet bifold doors, which you can buy at almost any home center.
So cold air blew out all over the downstairs, picking up moisture, then had to be sucked upstairs by the air conditioner and pass through the louvered door to have the moisture removed by the air conditioner.
While she sings "Blue Velvet' under a ghastly blue spotlight in a Lumberton dive called The Slow Club, he hides in a closet in her apartment, then spies on her through the louvered door when she comes home.
Paint long, large objects like a louvered door by using two clamping tables in tandem to firmly grab the door--allowing you to paint most of its surfaces without moving it.
Solid core, hollow core and wood doors in both traditional and bi-fold styles can all be made in all sizes using the process, as can louvered doors, barn doors, pocket doors and doors with inlaid glass.
The second bedroom also has a fitte double wardrobe with folding louvered doors, while the third has double-glazed double doors and window to a Juliet-style balcony, fitted double wardrobe with folding louvered doors and a door that opens into bedroom four.
Tenders are invited for Work generally consists of replacing the chiller units, remote condensers and pumps, fan coil units serving the basement and second floor, adding an emergency generator connection; removal of microfilm storage vault located on the second floor, and replacement of louvered doors, and wall louvers at the building.