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(Textiles) a yellowish-green or bluish-green mixture, esp in tweeds or woollens
[named after Lovat, Inverness-shire]


(ˈlʌv ət)

a grayish blend of colors, esp. of green, used in textiles.
[1905–10; probably after Thomas Alexander Fraser, Lord Lovat (1802–75), who popularized tweeds in muted colors as hunters' dress]
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The Lovat Hotel in Perth locked its doors without warning on Thursday, throwing wedding plans, Burns Suppers and a school reunion up in the air.
Shortly after war broke out, when he was employed as a traveller with Glasgow drapery warehouse Messrs JW Campbell, he joined the Lovat Scouts and was later transferred to the Machine Gun Corps.
Newtonmore lifted shinty's Camanachd Cup for the 32nd time after a thrilling 3-2 win over Lovat.
Contest with limited participation: completion of repair and restoration works on the cultural heritage site of federal significance "earth fortress built on the orders of peter i in 1704-1708 in connection with the danger of the invasion of the troops of king charles xii" (pskov region, velikie lugi, left bank river lovat, south of rosa luxemburg street)
Dr Rob Ellis, consultant dermatologist at Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital and honorary clinical senior lecturer at Newcastle University, along with Professor Penny Lovat from the university, are looking at why ulceration of the skin above a melanoma leads to a greater risk of the disease spreading.
Kevin Bartlett excelled from placed balls, with the Lovat clubman firing over six two-pointers, including five in the opening half.
Meanwhile, Year 12 pupil Megan Lovat had a great time visiting Japan.
Piper Millin, aged 21, of 4 Commando Brigade, was ordered by his commanding officer Lord Lovat to parade with his pipes on the beach as the Commandos were being attacked.
By 1918, just four years after opening, the ROM had become "unbearably crowded," according to historian Lovat Dickson.
Lord Lovat, 'Shimi' as he was known, leading No 4 had more success.
Pride of place - with all due utmost respect to those of you who have arranged the pizzas to coincide with kick-off at the Orion Premiership shinty showdown between Newtonmore and Lovat on BBC Alba - should go to the opening blast from the Tour de France.
The entry for Waugh concludes with a long conversation Johnson had with Lord Lovat while both were waiting for a delayed flight at Inverness Airport.