love bite

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bite - a temporary red mark on a person's skin resulting from kissing or sucking by their lover
erythema - abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of blood vessels (as in sunburn or inflammation)
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Yet all the while his stump of tail valiantly bobbed back and forth, and, when released from such blissful contact, his silky ears flattened back and down as, with first a scarlet slash of tongue to cheek, he seized her hand between his teeth and dented the soft skin with a love bite that did not hurt.
ANURSE who asked a colleague if he could give her a love bite on her breast has been struck off.
Well I'm 27 now so it's a bit embarrassing if my mum sucks it out, so Michelle got out of the car and there she is, in Costco car park, giving me a love bite on my back, trying to suck the sting from the wasp out and I'm crying like a big girl.
Once in his flat they sat on the bed and it was then he sexually touched her and gave her a love bite.
Did anyone see the story about Kim Kardashian having a love bite on her neck after a date with Kanye West?
The attending physician said, "We looked at the medical literature and that example of having a love bite causing something like that hasnA[sup.
TV chef Andrew Nutter serves up a menu of fish and beef at the Chester Food, Drink Festival, at Chester Racecourse; and, inset, Academy of Culinary Arts chef James Holden with brothers Fraser and Louis Crossan, from Blacon Chloe Pasqett and Catherine Jones at the Love Bite Cup Cakes stall
They suspected she might be at Tyler's home, and when officers went there the found the girl who had love bite marks on her neck.
Q LAST weekend I noticed a love bite on my daughter's neck and it's really upset me.
One girl tries to pass off a love bite as an experiment with a vacuum cleaner.
That seemingly small love bite causes Elena to change periodically into the only female werewolf on the east coast of America; bitten females usually do not survive.
AMALE nurse asked his female colleague if he could give her a love bite on her breasts, a hearing was told yesterday.