loved one

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loved′ one`

a close or cherished relation.
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Noun1.loved one - a person who you love, usually a member of your family
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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For, if you reflect a moment, you will see that, while it is easy to choose what virtues we would have our wife possess, it is all but impossible to imagine those faults we would desire in her, which I think most lovers would admit add piquancy to the loved one, that fascinating wayward imperfection which paradoxically makes her perfect.
He saw now why she and Griffiths loved one another, Griffiths was stupid, oh so stupid!
Her idea of love was more that of placid affection, serving the loved one softly in an atmosphere, flower-scented and dim-lighted, of ethereal calm.
The children grew, worked, fought, ate what and slept where they could; loved one another and their parents pretty well, but with no tropical passion; and educated themselves for nine months of the year, each one in his own way.
We know this well, we who have passed into the Realm of Terror, who skulk in eternal dusk among the scenes of our former lives, invisible even to ourselves and one another, yet hiding forlorn in lonely places; yearning for speech with our loved ones, yet dumb, and as fearful of them as they of us.
Once you gain a full understanding of your loved one's physical and mental condition and before this person moves into your home, discuss it with your family.
A licensed nurse will assist your loved one with these activities each day, either for the entire day or for specified hours.
"These conversations are difficult for everyone involved, but are important to get the end result - the care that your loved one deserves," said Arkansas Health Care Association Executive Director Rachel Bunch.
By filling in Carers UK's State of Caring survey (at they can help inform the UK's most comprehensive research into experiences of looking after a loved one. The information that is gathered helps inform our policy work in Wales.
"Each Gerbera is a colourful peg personalised with the name of a loved one.
I am not heartless, but how can a dead bunch of flowers be a tribute to a loved one? Whoever shows their grief by leaving flowers and other tributes - leaving families aside - do not appear to be concerned at leaving flowers to die, and on many occasions even the wrapping paper around them turns black.