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Adj.1.loverlike - like or in the manner of a lover
loving - feeling or showing love and affection; "loving parents"; "loving glances"
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"I forgot it." And Jo took heart again, for that salutation could not be called loverlike.
His letters now; though neither long nor loverlike, were more regular than ever they had been before; and when he did return, to my great joy, instead of being worse than when he went, he was more cheerful and vigorous, and better in every respect.
After a pause he began to speak poetically of the scenery and to offer her loverlike speeches and compliments.
The dark forms of the man and woman glided slowly arm in arm along the walls with a loverlike and homeless aspect in the miserable night.
In another poem, the speaker notes that her daughter, "loverlike to me, / ...