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Unable to act normally as a result of being in love.

love′sick′ness n.
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Noun1.lovesickness - a pining for a loved one
pining - a feeling of deep longing
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Leriano receives little reward for his efforts, as he is again rejected by Laureola and dies of lovesickness.
There is an added irony in the fact that Cupido chooses not his own golden arrows, but music, Apolo's forte, as the means of spreading lovesickness through the river valley.
Notwithstanding, the first chapter of this section takes an interesting turn toward analyzing madness as an integral departure from the novelas sentimentales, thereby underscoring a typical result of lovesickness as melancholy, which leads to madness.
uk/2016/03/21/world-poetry-day-16-quotes-from-poets-to-make-you-fall-in-love-with-poetry-again-5762070/) Robert Frost - "A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.
In the midst of this lovesickness are some of the most poignant words in scripture (11:8-9).
In the chapter "Beyond Ophelia," in her Lovesickness and Gender in Early Modern English Literature (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008), she argues for the potential creativity of the melancholic female mind.
Some of it may have been lovesickness, or perhaps a gay man's claustrophobia in the closet.
As Tropical Malady "drifts" through a minute-long fade to black at the half-way point, it shifts from this difficult courtship tale to further its assessment through a fantastic conceptualization of the lovesickness it has already deployed.
In one notable episode from Nizami's Chahar maqala (Four Discourses), Ibn Sina discovers that a patient suffers from lovesickness by feeling his pulse and mentioning names of people and neighbor hoods in order to elicit a reaction.
252-253; P TOOHEY, "Love, Lovesickness, and Melancholia", ICS, 17, 1992, 265-286; A.
The poet's description of her physical condition is intended to underscore her yearning for her friend rather than lovesickness.
Harry has even showed signs of lovesickness - after missing the end of an awards do in France, ditching bandmates to catch the last flight to London to be with Kendall.