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Unable to act normally as a result of being in love.

love′sick′ness n.
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Noun1.lovesickness - a pining for a loved one
pining - a feeling of deep longing
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There was an expression of lovesickness and jealousy in The Purple Hairpin as heartfelt as anything in Puccini, while the passionate encounter between a princess and a general of her country's sworn enemy in Pursuing Her Husband recalled Aida ...
Lovesickness, the heartache of abandonment, the contradictions of desire, and the lacerations of depression converge in movies that straddle melodrama and its parody, achieving peaks of emotional authenticity that redeem any potential formal excess.
Jigaiya, head monk of a small temple in the southwestern waterfront city of Yeosu, has released the tragic romance book, "Lovesickness," based on a true story.
"The Origin of Love: Ovidian Lovesickness and Trauma in Venus and Adonis." Violence, Trauma, and Virtus in Shakespeare's Roman Poems and Plays, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, pp.
(15) As Marsupinni explains in the seventh speech of the Commentary, lovesickness causes vaporous spirits, produced from the blood, to '[send] out rays...
There are also Israeli organizations that advertise special segulot (charms) performed on the holiday of Lag b'Omer, again in exchange for a donation, that result in the curing of "severe lovesickness."
Stuart McFarlane Young nurse Eileen Roan knew how to treat Arthur Benson's lovesickness after the pair met at a hospital dance - she agreed to marry him!
(2.70:568) Don Quijote returns to the strictures of the conduct book for his instructions, suggesting that the manufacture of textiles will cure Altisidora's lovesickness. If it does not, perhaps the next time Altisidora goes to hell, she can offer the literary devils an appropriate gift.
I adore this about his choreography, and I am especially aware of the contrast between Ratmansky's use of extreme weight and weightlessness, too, because this is how I personally feel when I am in the early stages of love (or lovesickness).
This image does not portray the image of a noble lady who dies impelled by her lovesickness. Unlike Leriano and Isolde in Tristan de Leonis--a work that contains verbatim passages from Grimalte y Gradisa--who die a less gruesome death, (17) Flores represents Fiometa's suicide as the result of the self-defacement of an enraged person with animalistic qualities.
Ta'adir is in despair, contemplating his lovesickness and drinking problems.
Si tu as nul dolour au cuer, di la a toun confessour ou autre leaus e prodhome, e quant il te avera conforte, tu le aporteras plus legerement (If you have any sorrow of heart, tell it to your confessor or to another loyal and worthy man, and when he has comforted you, you will bear it themore lightly.) (30) This "dolour" can be read as an emotional disturbance, whether due to grief, lovesickness, or melancholy.