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Unable to act normally as a result of being in love.

love′sick′ness n.
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Noun1.lovesickness - a pining for a loved one
pining - a feeling of deep longing
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As Tropical Malady "drifts" through a minute-long fade to black at the half-way point, it shifts from this difficult courtship tale to further its assessment through a fantastic conceptualization of the lovesickness it has already deployed.
In one notable episode from Nizami's Chahar maqala (Four Discourses), Ibn Sina discovers that a patient suffers from lovesickness by feeling his pulse and mentioning names of people and neighbor hoods in order to elicit a reaction.
Harry has even showed signs of lovesickness - after missing the end of an awards do in France, ditching bandmates to catch the last flight to London to be with Kendall.
I personally don't believe in lovesickness, especially after a break-up, as I find most couples get back together simply because they haven't met anyone else, or just because they can't stand being alone.
While the book's overall structure is thematic, it also traces the arc of both saraos' frame tale, initiated as healing for Lisis' lovesickness, and ending with Lisis and other important women from the frame entering the Conceptionist order in the company of the nun Estefania, thus exiting the social and sexual economy of earthly marriage to treacherously human men.
Tin contends that this way of thinking also extended to medicine, where since the Renaissance, lovesickness was described as a pathology.
It symbolizes not only her curing his fever but also his lovesickness.
In her seventh album, Ace, she provocatively braids together lovesickness, sensuality and a strong sense of selfhood in grown-up, carefully paced tunes.
In those first thirty tales there are some violent deaths and some lovesickness, of course.
In her dream a passionate romance blossoms but when she wakes she remains preoccupied with her dream affair and becomes consumed by lovesickness before wasting away and dying.
21) As an act of revenge, the god makes the hero fall in love with Anthia and his agency continues through the ordeal of lovesickness.
This much loved comedy of shipwreck, lovesickness, mistaken identity and punctured pride is set against the beautiful, and unusual, backdrop of outer space.