low brass

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Noun1.low brass - brass with 30% (or less) zinc
brass - an alloy of copper and zinc
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Playing in a band composed of tuba, euphonium and tenor tuba players gives him and other low brass musicians a chance to standout, Codieck said.
low brass shells) nor did we ever feel at a disadvantage having only one shot.
Composed by a Russian in 1944, it was hard not to detect the hand of history in this work, and it does have darker moments, such as the ominous tread of the low brass and woodwind in the Adagio.
I play all of the low brass instruments, some better than others,'' Leys said with a grin.
Take high and low brass, high and low base, for example.
Currently, Dickman serves as Associate Professor of jazz studies and low brass at the University of North Florida, where he also conducts the Jazz Ensemble and tuba/euphonium choir.