low brass

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Noun1.low brass - brass with 30% (or less) zinc
brass - an alloy of copper and zinc
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There is something for everyone to get into the holiday spirit with low brass, tubas and euphoniums, playing holiday songs both religious and secular.
Benaroya arranges for the low brass section to meet regularly "so we can run through stuff.
For "Cups," Townsend produced a theme of soft, gentle arpeggios with pipe organ, woodwinds and low brass representing flowing water.
Dad offered to stake me for the rest, including a box of 25 low brass no.
The third, "melancholic", movement grew imperceptibly from expressive oboe and cor anglais solos to a positively volcanic final climax: the Sinfonia's low brass made the floor shake.
In the CDC report, the highest amount of sound energy was at 125 Hz and included significant contributions from sounds at even lower frequencies presumably due to use of common musical instruments such as bass drums and low brass.
Jenkins' Benedictus from the Armed Man showcases the low brass in a poignant setting.
Introducing local inter-schools and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao categories of solo competitions, adjudicated by international judging panels of professional low brass musicians on worldwide recognized ruling schemes, SliderAsia will foster the next generation of not just trombonists, but competent low brass musicians to showcase under spotlights for highest praise from audience.
Lessons are available in piano, guitar, flute, violin, voice, French horn, trumpet, recorder, bass, electric bass, trombone, low brass, cello, viola, clarinet, saxophone, and percussion.
low brass shells) nor did we ever feel at a disadvantage having only one shot.
The low brass section consists of SSG Jesus Melendez and SSG Pedro Sanchez (trombones), SPC Jose Burgos and SPC Angel Almodovar (euphoniums), and SGT Victor Ortega and SPC Arnaldo Tarrios (tubas).