low country

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low country

A low-lying area of land, especially the coastal plains of the Carolinas and Georgia.

low′-coun′try adj.
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low′ coun`try

a low-lying region or area, as the coastal plains of the Carolinas and Georgia.


Often, Low-Country. of or pertaining to the Low Countries or to a low country.
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The baboons of the low country are too few to go against them.
Alone can I kill all the Gomangani of the low country," and he swelled his chest and strutted proudly back and forth, until the itching back of a comrade commanded his industrious attention.
Goob will go to the low country with you and kill so many of the Gomangani that there will be none left to count the dead," and then he, too, strutted and pranced before the admiring eyes of the shes and the young.
In their wake came the handful of low country baboons and the thousands of the hill clan--savage, wiry, dog-like creatures, athirst for blood.
The Chinooks reside chiefly along the banks of a river of the same name, running parallel to the sea-coast, through a low country studded with stagnant pools, and emptying itself into Baker's Bay, a few miles from Cape Disappointment.
Contrary to the usual practice of the men of their caste, this party had left the fertile bottoms of the low country, and had found its way, by means only known to such adventurers, across glen and torrent, over deep morasses and arid wastes, to a point far beyond the usual limits of civilised habitations.
And on the other hand, over the low country of the Ross, I saw smoke go up, morning and evening, as if from a homestead in a hollow of the land.
Gudule; for a step --but half a step farther, and you would plunge headlong into the gulf of imbecility; there lodged, you would speedily receive proofs of Flemish gratitude and magnanimity in showers of Brabant saliva and handfuls of Low Country mud.
RUNNING DOWN THE Atlantic seaboard into South Carolina you hit what is known as "The Low Country," which includes the Sea Islands, once known for its wealth of rice and indigo that flourished in the hot subtropical climate.
M2 PHARMA-September 11, 2015-Expanding Orthopedics FLXfit 3D Sees First Clinical Use in Southern US Low Country
But perhaps there is no finer example of art opening the borders --even if only for one day than the Scottish bagpiper who brings back memories of the highlands while standing among Scots comrades, French allies, and German foes in the desolate low country of no man's land.