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Noun1.low density - a rarified quality; "the tenuity of the upper atmosphere"
density, denseness - the amount per unit size
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Sadara runs three linear low density PE (LLDPE) units with capacities of 970,000 tonnes per year (tpy), and a low density PE (LDPE) unit with capacity of 350,000 tpy, according to the ICIS Supply and Demand Database.
[ClickPress, Fri May 17 2019] Amongst diverse sheeting variants, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is identified as one of the most versatile films owing to its innate flexibility and tensile strength that ensure high impact resistance.
Methods: The expression of tissue factor and lectin-like oxidised low density lipoprotein receptor was detected using Western blot methods.
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is the most common form of polyethylene manufactured from monomer ethylene.
In their research which was done on kids and teenagers, the impact of active life on the high density and low density lipoproteins, total cholesterol, triglyceride and also the ratio of these factors to one another were seen to the desirable extent and the effects of aerobic exercises on the damaging cardiovascular factors wasn't significant and Rahman Nejad et al [6], in a research, reviewed the effect of submaximal aerobic exercise on the response of the lipoproteins of the plasma of the blood of diabetic men.
The Low Density Zone is strategically clustered to cater consumer food and pharmaceuticals, garments and value-added textiles, light engineering, packaging, printing and warehouse logistics.
The new low density Polyolefin sleeve now makes it possible to separate shrink sleeves from PET bottles or cups by automated recycling processes.
It also has a surprisingly low density. Although it's bigger than Jupiter, it has only half of Jupiter's mass.
Titanium aluminides have a high potential to be used as high-temperature structural materials due to their outstanding mechanical properties combined with low density. In particular, the specific strength and elasticity remain attractive up to temperatures of about 950[degrees]C and so is a material of great interest for intermediate-temperature--up to 850[degrees]C--aerospace and power-generation applications such as low-pressure turbine blade applications, exhaust nozzle components and compressor cases in advanced subsonic and supersonic engines.
A low-density, non-HAP solvent for coatings and industrial cleaning and surface preparation applications, Eastman MPK is designed to offer low solvency, low density, and medium evaporation rate for use in low-VOC formulations.

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