low pitch

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Noun1.low pitch - a pitch that is perceived as below other pitcheslow pitch - a pitch that is perceived as below other pitches
pitch - the property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration
deepness - a low pitch that is loud and voluminous
high pitch, high frequency - a pitch that is perceived as above other pitches
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Then, suddenly dropping his voice to a low pitch of singular sweetness, he continued:
He made her no answer; and only observed, after again examining the room, that it was very low pitched, and that the ceiling was crooked.
She said to us, "I am sorry I kept you waiting." Her voice was low pitched, penetrating, and of the most seductive gentleness.
The three-minute fourteen-minute song starts with low pitch croons of the 'Ocean eyes' singer rising towards some very soft foot-tapping beats and in between, you will hear Justin Bieber's voice.
I told him to keep it as straight as possible because it is a kind of low pitch. So since we played straight we had a good partnership."
Heather Knight took three for 15 with her off-spin to restrict India to 90 for eight - a score which seemed substandard even on a slow, low pitch offering some turn.
Have students come up with some other familiar sounds and identify whether the sounds have a high or a low pitch.
In all, Henderson needed just 62 pitches to toss six innings of three-hit baseball, still managing to strike out eight despite a relatively low pitch count.
As if that were not enough, there's also centrifugal force, which wants to pull them out of the hub, and centrifugal twisting force, acting to twist them to a low pitch angle.
Results showed that male listeners preferred female voices with high pitch, breathy voice and wide formant spacing that correlated with a smaller body size, while females preferred to hear low-pitched male voices with low pitch and narrow formant spacing that suggested larger body size.