low technology

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low technology

Technology that does not involve highly advanced or specialized systems or devices.

low′-tech·nol′o·gy adj.

low technology

(General Engineering) simple unsophisticated technology, often that used for centuries, that is limited to the production of basic necessities

low′ technol′ogy

technology utilizing equipment and production techniques that are relatively unsophisticated. Compare high technology.
low′-technol′ogy, adj.
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He further added that Pakistan needed a shift from resource-based and low technology exports to the adoption and development of medium and high technology productions, and technological sophistication.
In this novel, Catherine Egan has demonstrated a gift for world building, blending magic and low technology to create something resembling Puritan London.
A strategy for the younger classroom is to play "Guess where I came from" and use objects that occur naturally (leaves, caterpillars, butterflies, or other objects/pictures) and then items that are man-made such as a pencil or paper (relatively low technology objects) and laptop or smartphone (high or complex technology).
Optimizing the future portfolio for the right customer mix, cadence and risk is driving several suppliers to reduce exposure to customers requiring low technology, higher-than-average resources to support programs and low-margin programs.
Nancy Wu, Research Director of Innova Research pointed out: "Many graphene applications are still at an early stage towards mass adoption, either because of the low technology maturity or the poor economic feasibility.
According to report findings, FIs with high or moderate "technology management complexity"--defined as the degree to which management is challenged to make coordinated, interdependent technology decisions--plan to improve the utilization of 21 applications in 2015, in contrast to the eight to nine apps for FIs with low technology management complexity.
According to report findings, financial institutions with high or moderate "technology management complexity" -- the degree to which management is challenged to make coordinated, interdependent technology decisions -- plan to improve the utilization of 21 applications in 2015, significantly higher than the eight to nine apps financial institutions with low technology management complexity plan to improve.
On the other hand, in low technology industries where female workers have comparative disadvantage, increased competitive pressures could lead to a reduction in relative productivity and earnings of female workers as employers reorganize labor to improve efficiency.
Presently the country's major exports consist of low technology labour intensive products while the share of medium and high technology products in its total exports remains very small.
Currently, because of low technology, lack of irrigation and power, African farmers are able to provide only five percent of all cereals consumed on the continent.
They suggested that to maximize the benefits from globalization and reduce povertya[euro]s the future agenda should focus on good governance and institutional reforma[euro]s investment in skilled manpowera[euro]s shifting away from low technology exportsa[euro]s promoting intra-regional trade and mitigating political and geopolitical risks.
The leg and foot amputations in people with diabetes can be prevented by using low cost, low technology solutions and simple behaviours should be encouraged such as regular foot examination and examining the inside of shoes before putting them on, not walking barefoot, wearing comfortable shoes, keeping feet clean, and maintaining good care of the skin and nails, he added.

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