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Adj.1.low-altitude - occurring at a relatively low altitude; "a low-level strafing run"
low - literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension; "low ceilings"; "low clouds"; "low hills"; "the sun is low"; "low furniture"; "a low bow"
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Hoeven is working to secure an additional certificate of authorization for North Dakotas test site to conduct low-altitude beyond-line-of-sight flights.
The social networking giant said the low-altitude test flight that last for 96 minutes provided the aeronautics team data on autopilot, motors, batteries, radios, ground station, displays, basic aerodynamic handling, structural viability, and crew training.
In the present work, elite athletes of both low altitude-training (lowHH) and low-altitude and simulated altitude (lowHH+NHNight) groups were not blinded and were expectedly well-versed with the benefits of hypoxia training.
In June 2011, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps put into operation the new home-made long-range Ghadir radar system that enables its forces to monitor low-altitude satellites.
Even so, airways serve a vital role in lost-communication situations as well as allowing low-altitude aircraft to safely get through areas of higher terrain.
We are taking the opportunity as low-altitude airspace (below 1,000 meters) is gradually opened to move ahead in the private flights market," said Lou Xiaoqiao, marketing manager of the airline.
So for low-altitude targets, you can effectively image through shorter-focal-length telescopes, or bin your CCD camera to increase the effective size of your pixels.
Increases in low-altitude ozone predicted for the upcoming century will stifle the growth of vegetation in maw regions, causing planet-warming carbon dioxide to build up in Earth's atmosphere more quickly than had been expected, a new model suggests.
A helicopter of the Ground Self-Defense Force crashed at a GSDF base in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture in southwestern Japan, while performing a low-altitude flight to entertain the public Sunday, slightly injuring the two personnel on board, police said.
Those tasks, he noted, could include low-altitude reconnaissance work in urban environments, landing in confined or geographically challenged areas, rapid landings and takeoffs, "nap-of-the-earth" concealed flying tactics, and more.
PALMDALE - A Florida-based communication company plans to build an airship intended to be tested as a high-altitude antenna - or low-altitude communications satellite - for high-speed Internet connections, television signals and telephone calls.
To keep the level of test and evaluation training in line with fleet systems, the ASTARS aircraft are expected to receive important upgrades, such as low-altitude navigation and targeting for night, updated FLIR, and additional enhancements to the radar systems.

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