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Adj.1.low-altitude - occurring at a relatively low altitude; "a low-level strafing run"
low - literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension; "low ceilings"; "low clouds"; "low hills"; "the sun is low"; "low furniture"; "a low bow"
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Amman, Sep.4 (Petra) -- A slight drop in temperatures is expected on Wednesday as moderate weather conditions prevail in most regions across the Kingdom, while it will be hot in the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea with low-altitude clouds and northwesterly moderate to brisk winds, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD).
"The low-altitude defense system, Oqab (Eagle), is a short-range system with new capabilities and fully indigenized design.
The application, which was spotted byThe Verge, indicates that the tests will take place at SpaceX's launch site in Boca Chica, Texas, and will see the rocket launched to 1,640ft (500 metres) for its low-altitude tests, and up to 16,400ft (5,000 metres) for its high-altitude tests.
Azercosmos OJSC operates geostationary satellites Azerspace 1, Azerspace 2 and low-altitude satellite AzerSky.
A Japanese maritime patrol aircraft carried out a low-altitude flight close to a South Korean warship Wednesday afternoon, in an apparent threatening and provocative action, according to the Ministry of National Defense.
According to a recent report by Space.com, the privately owned space agency has been testing a new Starship test article named "hopper" for low-altitude flight at its South Texas launch site.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 5, 2018-Vertex Tech announces low-altitude recreational flying vehicle
The social networking giant said the low-altitude test flight that last for 96 minutes provided the aeronautics team data on autopilot, motors, batteries, radios, ground station, displays, basic aerodynamic handling, structural viability, and crew training.
In the present work, elite athletes of both low altitude-training (lowHH) and low-altitude and simulated altitude (lowHH+NHNight) groups were not blinded and were expectedly well-versed with the benefits of hypoxia training.
At this time, MESSENGER was well into a low-altitude campaign that returned striking images and valuable measurements of the planet's surface and interior that are unprecedented in their resolution.
Even so, airways serve a vital role in lost-communication situations as well as allowing low-altitude aircraft to safely get through areas of higher terrain.

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