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tr.v. low·balled, low·bal·ling, low·balls Informal
To underestimate or understate (a cost) deliberately: "I get hopping mad every time I see a politician lowballing the cost of his latest healthcare boondoggle" (Megan McArdle).

[From the card game of the same name.]

low′ball′ adj.


1. (Card Games) a game of poker in which the player with the lowest hand wins
2. (Commerce)
a. a very low estimate or offer
b. (as modifier): a lowball bid.
(Commerce) (tr) to make a very low estimate or offer for (a service, product, company, etc)



1. to deliberately estimate a lower price for than one intends to charge.
2. to give a false estimate for.
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Verb1.lowball - make a deliberately low estimatelowball - make a deliberately low estimate; "The construction company wanted the contract badly and lowballed"
estimate, gauge, approximate, guess, judge - judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"
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On April 30, the Department of Finance mailed out hundreds of change by notice orders to property owners whose tax assessments who reportedly benefited from low-ball assessments.
Shaw, who promotes Lacy, refused and was not thrilled about what he considered a low-ball figure.
An out-of-state company raised some eyebrows by making low-ball offers for property in Cleburne County.
There's no good reason for it: as a low-ball drawer of the ball, he should be suited by the Honolulu course, especially in the wind, but obviously there is much about it that does not fit his eye.
Foes of equality have always tried to low-ball the number, typically claiming that the correct figure is as low as one percent.
Point: Why do these upstart, highly aggressive companies have to come in to our markets with low-ball prices and ruin it for everyone?
The highlights of the performance are its low-ball moments - rewritings of "1 Get a Kick Out of You" and "The Lady Is a Tramp," thoroughly vamped and camped up by Stone, whose booming alto recalls Ethel Merman.
After an intensive two-week negotiating stint, during which McQuade and Sarles camped out at NatWest USA's New Jersey headquarters, Fleet won with a low-ball bid that used an innovative structure to skirt a thorny goodwill problem that otherwise would have been a deal-breaker.
All too often, insurance companies will stonewall and low-ball claims instead of doing the "right thing.
Double plays (the essence of defensive efficiency) are the precious gifts of the low-ball pitcher.
In a statement, Labatt called the offer "unrealistically low" and said that it "appears to be a course designed to low-ball a bid and steal the company from our shareholders.
There are more than 200 poker tables featuring just about every form of poker: Texas Hold 'Em, 7-Card Stud, Omaha, Lowball, Pot Limit, Mexican Poker, Pineapple, Draw, Low-Ball and many others.