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Adj.1.low-beam - used of headlights; "following with low-beam headlights"
dimmed, dim - made dim or less bright; "the dimmed houselights brought a hush of anticipation"; "dimmed headlights"; "we like dimmed lights when we have dinner"
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The new combination high- and low-beam Opti-Brite LED headlamp is enhanced with electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge and power surge protection features.
In addition, it marks the debut of the LED Intelligent Light System; a technology that consists of LED indicators resembling a torch, LED daytime running lamps, as well as a lower level comprising LED low-beam headlamps and main beam with cornering light function.
The model features low-beam LED headlights, integrated charge port and specially-designed 16-inch alloy wheels.
Drivers must use fog lights (and not hazard lights), drive slowly, keep distance from other vehicles, avoid swerving, and keep headlights on low-beam. Adhering to safety rules will avoid accidents.
The safe-driving tips in foggy conditions include keeping more distance than usual between vehicles, avoiding manoeuvres such as passing and overtaking, sticking to one's lane, pulling off the road and parking at a safe spot if the fog is too dense, and using fog lights and low-beam headlights instead of high-beam or hazard lights.
IG NH&MP asked the travellers to use low-beam headlights, install fog lights in the vehicle, as yellow in front side and red at back side in addition to low beams, be patient and avoid passing, changing lanes and crossing traffic.
High-and low-beam options are great and some people like having a strobe as well, but 95 percent of the time I--and everybody else who uses a flashlight--just want a steady beam of light, the brightest the flashlight can give me.
He advised people to observe the speed limit, leave sufficient space between vehicles, use only their low-beam lights while warning against unnecessarily using hazard lamps.
It is an improved version of the company's night vision technology called Night Vision Plus which gives the driver warning of a pedestrian at a range three times more than common low-beam headlamps.
Authorities recommended that drivers leave early and plan on congestion, drive safely in the fog, increase following distance, turn on low-beam headlights to increase vehicle visibility, be ready for other cars to stop suddenly, pay attention to media reports about road conditions and designate a driver if you plan to drink.
The German automaker says the night vision system extends visibility of objects in the road by up to 134.5 ft., when compared to low-beam bi-xenon headlamps.
Each pedestrian wore each of the four clothing conditions twice, once for a low-beam lap and once for a high-beam lap.