low-calorie diet

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Noun1.low-calorie diet - a diet that is low on calories
obesity diet, reducing diet - a diet designed to help you lose weight (especially fat)
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Slim pickings A new compound mimicked the effects of an extremely low-calorie diet and lowered the incidence of diabetes and heart disease in monkeys (161: 77).
But after having her child in May, she signed up to be the face of Weight Watchers and has been combining the low-calorie diet with a strict work out regiment with her personal trainer.
They were put on a low-calorie diet of 500 to 550 calories a day for eight weeks.
Researchers assigned 45 sedentary obese women aged 50 to 70 to either a low-calorie diet or the same diet plus either high- or low-intensity exercise.
Zemel, who directs the university's Nutrition Institute, and his colleagues put these mice onto a low-calorie diet for 6 weeks.
Women in the low-calorie diet group received a diet drink called Nutrilett that provided 420 kcal/day during weeks 1, 2, 7, 8, 13, and 14, with instructions not to consume any other food, At other times--and throughout the program for women in the control group--a balanced diet of about 1,600 kcal/day was recommended.
They are working from the newly established genetic proof that a low-calorie diet helps keep animals young.
To safely lose weight, Bartfield recommends that most people will need to consume a low-calorie diet, anywhere from 1,000 to 1,800 calories per day, depending on certain factors such as weight, age, height and gender.
In tests on mice, researchers in Rome found the molecule, called CREB1, is triggered by a low-calorie diet.
LAWYERS for a motorist are trying to find an expert to testify her low-calorie diet was a factor in a 2009 crash that killed a young woman.
But smaller amounts of chitosan didn't help overweight people who ate a low-calorie diet for four weeks in an unpublished Swedish trial, or overweight people who didn't diet in a recent not-yet-published British study.
Washington, March 21 ( ANI ): In a surprising result, researchers have found that a low-calorie diet increases mortality rate in bowel disease models.