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So far, no low-emission zone has been created in Slovakia.Low-emission zones are to be created in Bratislava as an instrument to reduce air pollution from transport.
A FLEET of new ultra low-emission buses are set to hit West Midlands roads after PS3.64 million was awarded to increase greener journeys across the region.
A FLEET of new ultra low-emission buses are set to hit West Midlands roads after PS3.6 million was awarded to support greener journeys across the region.
The Scottish Government has pledged to introduce low-emission zones in Scotland's four biggest cities by 2020, and phase out the need for new petrol and diesel cars by 2032 - eight years ahead of the UK government's target.
With coal expected to play a significant role in the global energy mix for decades to come, the World Coal Association has called on the World Bank to reform its policy on coal financing and support coal-dependent countries in adopting low-emission technologies.
What is needed is to ensure that the coal-fired plants are equipped with low-emission carbon dioxide technologies for a cleaner and greener environment.
HE NUMBER of electric and low-emission vehicles in the UK has skyrocketed in the past seven years.
Different types of low-emission zones will be looked at as part of the council's consultation, including charging differing amounts for certain vehicles and Oxford's model -- which will ban petrol and diesel vehicles entering the city from 2020.
The fines will be used to enforce low-emission zones in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.
Auto Business News-June 9, 2017--BMW asks Australian government for low-emission vehicle incentives and tighter vehicle emissions regulations
"The potential to recharge low-emission vehicles on the move offers exciting possibilities," said Transport Minister Andrew Jones.