adj.1.producing little emission of atmospheric pollutants; as, a low-emission vehicle.
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Thanks to low-emission zones, old vehicles would be gradually pushed to the periphery," said Tomas Ferenak, spokesperson for the Environment Ministry.
Tenders Are Invited For Delivery of 9 new low-emission, low-emission ecological low-emission buses destined for public transport in MPK Splka z oo in Tarnw
Auto Business News-June 9, 2017--BMW asks Australian government for low-emission vehicle incentives and tighter vehicle emissions regulations
Low-emission cars are the future SEVERAL cities (including London, but not Birmingham) are to benefit from a PS40 million government grant to provide charging points for electric cars.
Everybody's making low-emission cars now, so the money is drying up.
uk can quickly see these low-emission models by looking for the Green Choice logo.
He's dramatically cut the tax break on zero and low-emission cars provided as company cars.
A new type of combustion chamber reduces pollution with less complexity and a safer, more reliable design than other low-emission burners, the device's developers say.
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) recently released a list of vehicles that comply with the new state law allowing single-occupant drivers in "highly fuel-efficient," low-emission vehicles to use carpool lanes.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, is limited to hybrids that get at least 45 miles per gallon and achieve a specific low-emission rating.
The Dutch scheme will grant subsidies for: the acquisition of a low-emission boat's diesel engine instead of a conventional vessel's diesel engine when building a new boat or re-engineering an existing one; the acquisition of a low-emission vessel's diesel engine instead of overhauling a conventional vessel's diesel engine currently in use; converting a current conventional boat's diesel engine into a low-emission one.