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Adj.1.low-growing - of plants that grow relatively low to the ground
low - literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension; "low ceilings"; "low clouds"; "low hills"; "the sun is low"; "low furniture"; "a low bow"
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From the fleches they rode still farther to the left, along a road winding through a thick, low-growing birch wood.
The carriage lamps shed a yellow light on a rough-looking road which seemed to be cut through bushes and low-growing things which ended in the great expanse of dark apparently spread out before and around them.
He lay down in the snow, depositing the ptarmigan beside him, and with eyes peering through the needles of a low-growing spruce he watched the play of life before him--the waiting lynx and the waiting porcupine, each intent on life; and, such was the curiousness of the game, the way of life for one lay in the eating of the other, and the way of life for the other lay in being not eaten.
It's a low-growing, mat-forming perennial with pink flowers deepening to crimson.
This creeping, low-growing evergreen shrub produces leathery green leaves that are coarsely toothed and create a 20cm-thick blanket over the soil.
Plants in this area should include small, low-growing plants that won't provide fuel for the fire.
Low-growing with a bushy habit it's an ideal geranium to use at the front of a border and is equally well suited for growing in pots.
What intrigued us most were the low-growing mango trees that are mature but are only about six feet tall and laden with fruits that are wrapped with paper bags to protect them from destructive insects.
Japanese anemones grow in any well-drained soil Don't confuse the low-growing, brightly flowered anemones you find in late spring with Japanese anemones, which bloom from late summer until the first frosts of October.
But nowhere is it more at home than in the garden, to be admired as a low-growing hedge, or fringing a herb garden or simply standing alone in pots in a contemporary setting.
Summary: JEDDAH: Customs officers in the northern border city of Hudaitha have seized a large quantity of drugs which the traffickers tried to smuggle into the Kingdom by hiding them in bags of coffee and zaatar (thyme), a low-growing aromatic plant of the mint family, said Ibrahim Al-Anazi, acting director general of the Customs Department, on Sunday.
HEATHER (ERICA) EARLY-flowering, low-growing evergreen heathers in shades of white and deep pink are a joy to behold at this time of year, creating a carpet of colour in rock gardens or even their own beds.

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