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Adj.1.low-interest - (used of loans) charging a relatively small percentage of the amount borrowed
high-interest - (used of loans) charging a relatively large percentage of the amount borrowed
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9 million in low-interest loans for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 11, 2016-DCED to create new jobs through state-approved low-interest loans
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 11, 2016-DCED to create new jobs through state-approved low-interest loans
The EPA is providing a total of $300,000 in grants and low-interest loans to the City of New York to clean up abandoned and contaminated properties.
So how can you make the most of your money in the low-interest rate environment?
The IMF report labels the issue as the "gamble for resurrection" in response to solvency risk, asset-liability mismatches or diminishing net margins in a low-interest rate environment.
Norinchukin, the central bank for agricultural cooperatives, will offer low-interest loans and investment under the package to be formalized at its board meeting Thursday, the sources said.
Looking for ways to make college more affordable, a panel of education experts has proposed a low-interest loan program for middle-class families that make too much to qualify for traditional financial assistance.
The rest of the financial support will come from low-interest loans over a six- to eight-year period.
The second new law amends the Private Housing Finance Law (PHFL) to let the City provide low-interest loans for apartment construction on privately owned property, while the second new law authorizes the City to extend the benefit and eligibility periods for two tax abatement programs for eligible commercial properties.
Nasdaq Global Select Market: CSBK), today announced that it is setting aside $10 million for special low-interest home equity loans to victims of Superstorm Sandy.

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