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n. pl. low·lifes also low·lives (-līvz′)
A person of low social status or moral character: "explores a world of London lowlifes in sinister prosperity" (Times Literary Supplement).

low′-life′ adj.


A. Nbajos fondos mpl
B. ADJde los bajos fondos
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Stripping them of their own savings, cars and homes to refund victims before locking up the low-life sounds like a good idea to us.
I am appalled that we have such low-life scum that do this day in day out to vulnerable people.
HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION ITV4 11PM PREMIERE Busted at the border, Mel Gibson is banged up in a Tijuana prison run like a low-life mall.
45pm PREMIERE In debt to drug dealers, low-life loser Emile Hirsch hires dirty Dallas cop Matthew McConaughey (above) to kill his mother for the dividend.
I AM disgusted at the low-life ticket touts who have put tickets for Manic Street Preachers' gig at King Tut's, Glasgow, on eBay.
But what happens if they catch these low-life types in the act?
Another low-life does not see what the previous example did to his country; he continues to live in western capitals and instigate others against his country, as if he wants it to experience the fate of Iraq.
But rather than police spending a fortune on inquiries looking into what went wrong with the investigation they should redouble all of their efforts into catching these low-life and locking them up.
HOW many readers who saw that picture of low-life getting tarred and feathered (Mail, August 29) wished, like me, that he had been one of the scumbags in this country getting that treatment because they are fed up with the inept attitude of this government towards the criminal?
THE pot-bellied, low-life sectarian thugs who pushed George Galloway MP around at Glasgow Airport will no doubt get their comeuppance - if the cops are doing a proper job, that is.
Homeowner Prentice McKinney of Red Bird, Texas, answered that question by snatching the gun from the assailant's hand and then using it as a club to beat the pulp out of the low-life.
Some guys might "just do that" but as long as there are girls and well-behaved guys who show outrage and disgust at such inappropriate actions, these low-life characters should get the cold shoulders they deserve.