Low life

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humble life.

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References in classic literature ?
He didn't make that reach just for some low-lifer to yell'm on.
But it's the low-lifers in the audience that gets me.
The low-lifer then saunters round the shop and SMILES at her before making his exit.
Sean Penn took the best actor prize for his performance as a passionate low-lifer in ``She's So Lovely'' and Cathy Burke the best actress award as a battered wife in ``Nil by Mouth,'' the directing debut of actor Gary Oldman.
But this version is the first I've seen, the Billy Wilder film from the 1970s included, to treat the doomed prostitute Mollie Malloy (Nicola Stephenson) as more than a shrill low-lifer, the implication being that the Hecht-MacArthur characters are archetypes of a sort, yes, but worthy of genuine consideration, too.
In our residential area we have one of the above mentioned low-lifers.
On November 10, having watched TV's Northern News, I felt so gutted and angry at those authorities involved, who yet again failed utterly to promote the very necessary values of law and order by not prosecuting those two cretinous low-lifers who so casually and carelessly took the life of one Mr Jimmy Mulligan and seriously injured his lady friend in a reckless car smash.
Nyst, a criminal defense lawyer in Queensland for many years, brings warmth and sympathy to his colorful low-lifers Result is a character-driven film in which every detail rings true.
If you are a Negro, try very hard to write with an eye dead on the white market--use modern stereotypes of older stereotypes--big burly Negroes, criminals, low-lifers and prostitutes.
As long as arrogant low-lifers like my assailant know that people will not 'become involved', they will continue to commit violent crime in this blatant way - regardless of the presence of any witnesses.
Based on an idea from U2's Bono, who also appears in the film, The Million Dollar Hotel is about a set of low-lifers in a hotel in Los Angeles where Milla plays a down-and-out punk.
The movie follows five young low-lifers who beat boredom through drugs, drink and violence.