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n. pl. low·lifes also low·lives (-līvz′)
A person of low social status or moral character: "explores a world of London lowlifes in sinister prosperity" (Times Literary Supplement).

low′-life′ adj.


A. Nbajos fondos mpl
B. ADJde los bajos fondos
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THE low-lifes that burgled Alstro's Florist in North Ormesby must have hearts as cold as ice (Gazette, 23.
Old county yearbooks, in particular, have proved a target for the aforementioned low-lifes with the result that visitors are now allowed in the library area only when accompanied by a menber of staff.
It was easily the best TV show Scotland has produced for years and totally different from all the West Coast low-lifes we normally get served up as comedy.
I groaned thinking it would be another attack on politicians for being power-seeking money-grabbing low-lifes.
He's the wildest, most successful jock on the island and loves living the high life while hanging out with the local low-lifes.